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The Team

We’re a group of designers, analysts, writers, engineers, merchandisers, executives, planners, managers, and workers that believe there’s nothing chicer than a woman with a purpose—and we’re here to support her in all that she does. As a team, we’re scrappy, straightforward, strategic, and snack-oriented. We think big, but we sweat the details. We take our work (but never ourselves) seriously.

Pauline Odedina

Lena Ficchi

Katerina Solovyova

Kei Furuichi

Lori Chiu

Taylor Purcell

Sarah LaFleur

Charlotte Cowles

Jessica Mejia

Rachel Mann

Gavriella Kroo

Hanna Freedlund

Nikita Sachdeva

Narie Foster

Danielle Delnero

Miyako Nakamura

Michaella Kurdziel

Alex Johnson

Eleanor Combs

Casey Kunau

Emily Code

Kartinah Smith

Eric Frank

Madeleine Kim

Annabel Wick

Hannah Murray

Catherine Bryt

Arushi Kumar

Courtney Frevola

Katie Twidwell

Sammy Patten

Annie Maass

Alice Nam

Caroline Brown

Tory Hoen

Audrey White

Masha Kandybin

Michael Bartoli

Yan Ruan

Luke Evers

Michiel Maes

Karen Zhou

Rukmini Mahurkar

Chell Burke

Elecia Allen

Christina Beebe

Jonathan Hendrickson

Annie Lim

Lani Oshima

Caroline Noonan

Annie Thorp

Eleanor Tilton

Sara Trautz

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