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Traveling for work is hard. We’re here to make it easier.

Travel-Savvy Styles

Here’s what to pack for your next trip.

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Frequent flyers, rejoice: We've designed a suit that's literally made for travel.

It's machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, and folds up into a nice little bag.

Put on jacket, deliver client presentation. Take off jacket, smoosh in bag, and take yourself out for a drink. Repeat as necessary.

Wearing bright colors has been unscientifically proven to make your trip feel more cheerful.

When it comes to travel uniforms, stretch is the name of the game. Pair the Merritt jardigan with the Shaw pant for a tree pose-approved ensemble.

Matching pieces that create a set are the ultimate in travel-friendly workwear: They give you the ease of a dress with the functionality of separates.

Down time on a business trip is a precious commodity. Spend it wisely—and in sleek, stretchy knits that let you kick back and relax.