Last Updated: August 30, 2022


These Terms & Conditions are in addition to the MM. LaFleur Terms of Use, but only to the extent necessary to govern your participation in this Labor Day Promotion. Capitalized terms not defined in these Terms & Conditions will have the same meaning as in the MM. LaFleur Terms of Use. If these Terms & Conditions are inconsistent with the MM. LaFleur Terms of Use, these Terms and Conditions will govern your participation in the Labor Day Promotion.

1. About the Labor Day Promotion
MM. LaFleur may provide certain loyal or new customers (each, a “Participant”) with a discount of no less than 48% and no greater than 90% on the purchase of Labor Day Promotion items (“Items”) made during the Redemption Period. Items are limited to all items on the Labor Day Promotion landing page (, consisting of the following styles and colors:

Adele Tank in Navy/Ivory
Alina T-Shirt in Dusty Indigo
Alina T-Shirt in Dusty Pink
Alina T-Shirt in Ivory/Coastline
Alina T-Shirt in Navy/Ivory
Alina T-Shirt in Sky Blue
Alina T-Shirt in Sunshine
Anderson Pant in Powder Blue
Anna Jacket in Black
Anna Jacket in Dusty Indigo
Anna Jacket in Hemlock
Anna Jacket in Ink
Anna Jacket in Natural
Anna Jacket in Tusk
Annika Tee in Biscotti
Annika Tee in Cactus
Annika Tee in Dark Chambray
Annika Tee in Natural
Annika Tee in Rosewater
Asher T-Shirt in Sunset
Athens Half Zip in Deep Sea
Athens Half Zip in Light Bronze
Avery Top in Adriatic Blue
Avery Top in Safari
Barbara Sweater in Light Gray/Ivory
Bevin Dress in Pearl
Bevin Dress in Wisteria
Brodie Top in Light Ash
Brodie Top in Sandstone
Brodie Top in Sedona
Butler Sweater in Light Gray/Ivory
Caitlin Short in Biscotti
Caitlin Short in Black
Caitlin Short in Dark Chambray
Caitlin Short in Ink
Caitlin Short in Natural
Caitlin Short in Tusk
Cameron Tank in Black
Cameron Tank in Camel
Cameron Tank in Gray Melange
Cameron Tank in Ivory
Carlin Tank in Deep Sea
Carlin Tank in Light Bronze
Celeste Top in Rosewater
Charli Top in Light Ash
Charli Top in Sandstone
Charli Top in Sedona
Chester Pant in Biscotti
Chester Pant in Dark Chambray
Chester Pant in Natural
Choe Top in Rosewater
Circle Cable Beanie in Chianti
Circle Cable Beanie in Heather Gray
Circle Cable Beanie in Light Camel
Circle Cable Beanie in Olive
Circle Cable Gloves in Chianti
Circle Cable Gloves in Heather Gray
Circle Cable Gloves in Olive
Circle Cable Scarf in Chianti
Circle Cable Scarf in Heather Gray
Circle Cable Scarf in Light Camel
Circle Cable Scarf in Olive
Cleo Coat in Dark Rust/Flax
Clooney Pant in Black
Clooney Pant in Gray Melange
Cobble Hill Skirt in Black
Cobble Hill Skirt in Poppy
Cobble Hill Skirt in Safari
Colby Pant in Dusky Blue
Condesa Pant in Azure
Constance Dress in Poppy
Constance Dress in Safari
Dae Top in Black
Dae Top in Cream
Dae Top in Deep Sea
Dae Top in Honeycomb
Dae Top in Pale Gray
Dae Top in Pale Lilac
Daisy Top in Cactus
Daisy Top in Sunshine
Dawn Top in Garnet
Dorchester Skirt in Hibiscus
Dylan Dress in Adriatic Blue
Dylan Dress in Black
Dylan Dress in Pearl
Dylan Dress in Safari
Eileen Top in Black
Elizabeth Top in Pale Gray
Ellen Top in Capri Blue/White
Ellie Pullover in Black
Ellie Pullover in Deep Juniper
Ellie Pullover in Huckleberry
Ellie Pullover in Laurel Green
Ellie Pullover in Light Truffle
Ellie Pullover in Pearl
Elsa Dress in Haze
Emalis Jacket in Poppy
Emalis Jacket in Safari
Felix Short in Laurel Green
Felix Short in Light Truffle
Finley Stretch Pant in Ash
Finley Stretch Pant in Black
Finley Stretch Pant in Deep Sea
Finley Stretch Pant in Light Bronze
Fletcher Short in Poppy
Fletcher Short in Safari
Gaia Jacket in Rust
Garrett Belt in Black
Georgina Lounger in Pearl
Gigi Dress in Capri Blue/White
Giulia Top in Black
Giulia Top in Ivory
Giulia Top in Rosewater
Hadley Pant in Rust
Harlem Skirt in Black
Harlow Sweater in Bright Pink
Harlow Sweater in Kelly Green
Harrington Legging in Haze
Harris Sweatshirt in Pearl
Harris Sweatshirt in Smoky Taupe
Hayden Dress in Canyon
Hoffman Blazer in Gray Melange
James Dress in Rust
Janet Jumpsuit in Laurel Green
Joni Jogger in Black
Joni Jogger in Deep Juniper
Joni Jogger in Huckleberry
Joni Jogger in Mink
Joni Jogger in Pearl
Joni Jogger in Wisteria
Judith Hoodie in Black
Judith Hoodie in Chianti
Judith Hoodie in Cream
Judith Hoodie in Heather Gray
Judith Hoodie in Light Camel
Judith Hoodie in Olive
Keely Jogger in Black
Keely Jogger in Chianti
Keely Jogger in Cream
Keely Jogger in Heather Gray
Keely Jogger in Light Camel
Keely Jogger in Olive
Kristin Pullover in Black
Kristin Pullover in Deep Juniper
Kristin Pullover in Huckleberry
Kristin Pullover in Mink
Kristin Pullover in Pearl
Kristin Pullover in Wisteria
Lalita Dress in Deep Sea
Lalita Dress in Pale Gray
Leo Pullover in Black
Leo Pullover in Cream
Leo Pullover in Deep Sea
Leo Pullover in Honeycomb
Leo Pullover in Pale Gray
Leo Pullover in Pink Salt
Leslie T-Shirt in Carob
Leslie T-Shirt in Sunshine
Leslie T-Shirt in Tan/Black
Lindsay Dress in Lapis/Ivory
Lindsay Dress in Sea Salt/Ivory
Lou Dress in Dusty Pink
Lou Dress in Pebble
Lou Dress in Sky Blue
Louisa Top in Sandstone
Louisa Top in Sedona
Luan Sweater in Kelly Green
Malin Top in Black
Malin Top in Deep Sea
Marie Dress in Azure
Marijane Pant in Light Ash
McKenzie Sweater in Jade
Mejia Pant in Black
Mejia Pant in Gray Melange
Mejia Pant in Rust
Melrose Skirt in Rust
Mia Top in Black
Mia Top in Cream
Mia Top in Deep Sea
Mia Top in Pale Gray
Minetta Skirt in Black
Molly Cardigan in Light Ash
Noho Skirt in Black
Noho Skirt in Ivory/Galaxy Blue
O'Hara Blazer in Ivory/Biscuit
Orchard Skirt in Cactus
Orchard Skirt in Sunshine
Oshima Pant in Black
Oshima Pant in Dark Navy
Owen T-Shirt in Carob
Para Sweatshirt in Ash
Para Sweatshirt in Black
Para Sweatshirt in Deep Sea
Peggy Top in Rosewater
Rachel Dress in Pebble
Rashida Top in Gray Melange
Rashida Top in Pebble
Renee Dress in Dusty Indigo
Renee Dress in Tan/Black
Rochelle Tank in Canyon
Rochelle Tank in Ivory
Rowley Skirt in Azure
Rowley Skirt in Lapis/Ivory
Samara Sweater in Navy/Ivory
Shae Hoodie in Black
Shae Hoodie in Deep Juniper
Shae Hoodie in Huckleberry
Shae Hoodie in Mink
Shae Hoodie in Pearl
Shae Hoodie in Wisteria
Shaw Pantin Black
Shawn Sweatshirt in Haze
Shiloh Pant in Black
Shiloh Pant in Pearl
Sierra Shacket in Haze
Sophie Sweater in Curry
Sophie Sweater in Jade
Stella Legging in Gray Melange
Stella Legging in Pearl
Stella Legging in Pebble
Tamar Blazer in Black
Tamar Blazer in Charcoal
Toni Top in Black
Toni Top in Deep Juniper
Toni Top in Huckleberry
Toni Top in Laurel Green
Toni Top in Light Truffle
Toni Top in Pearl
Vicky Tank in Rosewater
Vicky Tank in Sunshine
Vincent Dress in Deep Sea
Vincent Dress in Light Bronze
Wesley Lounger in Black
Wesley Lounger in Cool Charcoal
Wesley Lounger in Dusky Blue
Wesley Lounger in Olive
Wyatt Tank in Tan/Black
York Skirt in Safari
York Skirt in Tuscan Yellow
Zhou Culotte in Fog

Participation in the Labor Day Promotion is completely voluntary. Participants are selected at the sole discretion of MM. LaFleur. Each Participant will be notified about the opportunity to participate in the Labor Day Promotion by email, digital ad, or advertisement on the MM. LaFleur site.

2. Eligibility
To be eligible to participate in the Labor Day Promotion, you must be a new MM. LaFleur customer or have and maintain an active MM. LaFleur account and be in good standing, be over 18 years old, and be a legal resident of the United States. Each Participant must be either a new customer to MM. LaFleur or an existing customer of MM. LaFleur, and must have a unique email. MM. LaFleur reserves the right to terminate and disqualify you at any time from participating in the Labor Day Promotion if you don’t comply with these Promotion Terms & Conditions.

3. Start/End Dates
The Labor Day Promotion begins on August 30, 2022, 7:00 PM ET and ends on September 6, 2022, 10:00 AM ET (the “Promotion Period”). Your discount can be redeemed starting on August 30, 2022, 7:00 PM ET and ending on September 6, 2022, 10:00 AM ET (the “Redemption Period”).

4. Labor Day Promotion
To participate in the Labor Day Promotion you must purchase any of the qualifying Items listed above during the Redemption Period, which will each be marked down by no less than 48% and no greater than 90% (“Discount”) during the Promotion Period. Individual discount amount of each Item is up to the sole discretion of MM. LaFleur. Use of this Discount is not limited to a single checkout and can be reused on multiple occasions during the Redemption Period. MM. LaFleur is not responsible for undelivered, misplaced, or otherwise not received Labor Day Promotion emails or orders.

All Discounts are redeemable only during the Redemption Period and issued at the sole discretion of MM. LaFleur. Each Participant is responsible for all applicable taxes, shipping and handling charges that may apply to any purchase under these Promotion Terms and Conditions.

All Labor Day Promotion Items purchased during the Redemption period are final sale and can not be refunded, exchanged, or returned for store credit. All purchases are final.

By participating in the Labor Day Promotion, you agree to MM. LaFleur’s collection, use, storage, and processing of your personal information and acknowledge that you have read and accepted MM. LaFleur’s Privacy Policy.

5. Restrictions
In addition to the restrictions you agreed to in the MM. LaFleur Terms of Use, you agree that the following activities are expressly prohibited, and engaging in any of these will be grounds for immediate termination and disqualification from the Labor Day Promotion and may lead to the forfeiture of existing Labor Day Promotion invitations.

• Discount is non-transferable to others.
• Discount is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash.
• Discount can be used only on the aforementioned Items found on the Labor Day Promotion landing page (
• Discount cannot be applied to orders placed outside of the Redemption Period.
• Spam, bulk distribution of invitations, distribution to strangers, or any other promotion of your Labor Day Promotion invitations that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial e-mail or spam under any applicable law or regulation.
• Fraud, attempted fraud, or abuse of the Labor Day Promotion or Promotion Terms & Conditions.
• Selling, trading, bartering, or providing anything of value to your invite beyond the Labor Day Promotion invitation, or otherwise using your Labor Day Promotion Invitations or Labor Day Promotion Discounts for promotional purposes.
• MM. LaFleur employees are not eligible for the Labor Day Promotion.

6. Additional Terms
MM. LaFleur reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Labor Day Promotion, either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof). If we modify or discontinue the Labor Day Promotion, we will let you know via email or by posting a notice on the MM. LaFleur website. MM. LaFleur will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Labor Day Promotion. MM. LaFleur reserves the right to amend, modify or waive these Promotion Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion.