You own a great work wardrobe.
You just don’t know it yet.


Where you currently see only three outfits in your closet, we’ll create ten. We’ll send over an expert stylist who will do a complete evaluation of your wardrobe, define your style and whip your closet into shape.

Appointments are $200 for two hours. 

How It Works

  • Book an appointment and tell us a bit about your style.
  • An MM Stylist shows up at your door.
  • We’ll review your current wardrobe, identify holes in your closet and create polished new looks you never knew you owned.
  • We’ll record your size and style preferences for future orders.
  • After your appointment, your stylist will send a personally curated selection of MM outfits to try for free. Pay for what you keep, and we’ll send a messenger to pick up the rest.

Questions? Ask a Stylist.