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Customer Testimonials

“While the clothes and accessories are amazing, your customer service is impeccable.”

“I have not seen even a close second for classic professional clothing!”

“Got my Bento and feel like a million bucks. I’m dressing up because I plan on moving up!”

FAQ's about the Bento Box

For your first order, we highly recommend the Bento Box. It’s the best way for you to get a sense of what MM has to offer. If that’s not your thing and you’d prefer to shop on your own, no problem. You can do so at our online shop.

Each Bento is personalized with items hand-picked by a lovely MM stylist. You can usually expect a few different dresses. We often throw in a separate or two (either a top, a skirt, or a knit) and some accessories—especially if you request them. There may even be some surprises in the mix!

We’re glad that you’ve already perused our online store! We would love to hear your requests (via email or the Bento survey), as they give us a better sense of your style preferences. Due to inventory fluctuations, we are not able to guarantee that requested items will be included in a Bento box, but we’ll certainly keep them in mind when selecting styles for you. If there is ever an item that you simply must try, we recommend ordering it directly from our online store before it sells out! If it’s not the perfect fit, we offer a 21-day return policy with free shipping both ways (for orders over $100).

Begin your order by completing our brief survey. As soon as you finish, an MM stylist will start work on your customized Bento.

MM.LaFleur’s mission is to help modern women feel polished and empowered, without having to think too much about their clothes. Our survey is a way for us learn a bit about you so we can send you a thoughtfully customized box of options.

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Questions about styling or sizing? Chat with one of our stylists.