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10 Things to Do for Your Career in 2019

December 21, 2018 | Filed in: Your Career

Wish you felt more in control at work? Perhaps you want your boss to see you as more of a leader, or maybe you’re hoping for a raise. We want 2019 to be your year—so we asked experts to share their must-do tips for starting it on the right foot at work. 

1. Toss your to-do list.

“The classic ‘everything-and-the-kitchen-sink’ list can be overwhelming and not that useful. Instead, force yourself to prioritize by writing “Today will be successful if…” and jotting down three specific tasks that absolutely need to get done.”

–Lindsay Gordon, career coach and owner of A Life of Options

2. Be a go-to for presentations.

“Raise your hand as much as possible for webinars, workshops, talks at conferences, and panel discussions. You’re likelier to be seen as a leader and your name and face will be known by a lot more people.”

–Elizabeth Koraca, executive coach and career strategist based in New York and Los Angeles

3. Kill people with kindness.

“You know that coworker you don’t get along with? Stop dreading interactions with him or her—instead, go out of your way to be nice. Say good morning, find something suitable to compliment them on (“Way to go getting that new business deal!”), and shut down any negative conversations you hear about them. You’ll be surprised at how little effort it takes to turn things around.”

–Vivian Scott, owner of Vivian Scott Mediation

4. Actually use LinkedIn.

“There’s no better way to build your personal brand. Make this the year you use it. Start by sharing articles related to your industry, then go from there.”

–Elizabeth Koraca

5. Make it hard for people to ignore you.

“Look people in the eye when you speak or enter a room, introduce yourself to people with a firm handshake, and speak loudly enough to be heard.”

–Barbara Pachter, author of The Communication Clinic: 99 Proven Cures for the Most Common Business Mistakes

6. Start an ‘I rock’ spreadsheet.

“You’ll need to sell yourself if you want a raise or promotion, so keep a list of everything you’ve achieved—for instance, ‘Reduced errors in client-facing documents by 45 percent’—and tie them to job responsibilities and company goals.”

–Lindsey Honari, executive coach and owner of Lindsey Honari Coaching

7. Show up in person.

“It’s easy to do most of your job via email, but face-to-face contact with colleagues always helps you communicate better.”

–Lisa Lewis, PIVOT certified career coach and owner of Lisa Lewis Coaching

8. Speak up early in meetings.

“The longer you wait to say something, the harder it becomes. Prepare ahead of time and come with a comment or question ready to go.”

–Barbara Pachter

9. Get sneaky with your calendar.

“Back-to-back meetings can make you feel rushed all day long, leading to mistakes or things falling through the cracks. Block out 15-minute chunks after meetings in Outlook (or whatever calendar system you use), and then use that time to respond to emails, put out mini-fires, or, you know, eat lunch.”

–Elizabeth Koraca

10. Start a new relationship.

“You should never stop growing your network. Who in the office would you like to know better? Pick someone above you who you admire and someone beneath you who you could mentor, and ask them to lunch.”

–Kate Zabriskie, owner of Business Training Works

Photography by Yan Ruan.

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