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What to Gift the Most Important Person in Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Why risk not getting what you actually want?

By Madeleine Kim

This year, I bought myself a Valentine’s Day gift before I even thought about what to get my fiancé. It’s not because I’m selfish, or because he’s anything less than wonderful, or even because I was procrastinating (why are men so hard to shop for?). I did it for—*dramatic pause*—love! I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy herself something nice? Below, we’ve rounded up 14 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the most important person in your life: you.


A Knit Top That Feels Sexy

A black tank top may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Valentine’s Day gift,” but the slinky knit Avery top is so soft and luscious that wearing it is a borderline romantic experience. Throw it on with sweats as you eat chocolate and rewatch select scenes from Bridgerton on your couch, or dress it up with the matching skirt for a date-night look.


Flats That Ignite the Senses

For those who love buying themselves flowers, the Rowan flats in rose will have a similar effect on your mood. Plus, they last way longer. Memory-foam footbeds and ballet-slipper flexibility will keep you comfortable through long days and longer nights.


A Dress You Could Elope in

Planning a wedding is already stressful—and then the pandemic came along. If you’re thinking about eloping, you’re definitely not alone. The Lindsay dress in sea salt is an excellent option if you decide to spend Valentine’s Day at city hall.


A Cashmere Set to Make You Smile

The best gifts are luxuries: things you don’t strictly need, but that put a smile on your face. A cream-colored cashmere sweatsuit is the perfect example. It’s definitely not a wardrobe essential, but wearing it will make you feel deeply content. (Plus, you don’t even have to dry clean it.)


A Sleek Sweater, but for Your Feet

When you really love sweaters, one just isn’t enough. Luckily, the knit Zelda boots in burgundy are basically sweaters for your feet. Wear them in this gorgeous wine hue to give any outfit a slightly sexy vibe.


A Beautiful Pink Top, Because Valentine’s Day

No, you don’t have to wear pink on Valentine’s Day. But if you want to, the Celeste top in rosewater is a beautiful option that goes with everything from sweatpants to flowy skirts. Made from our 365Knit material, it’s designed to keep you comfortable year-round.


A Dress That Scores Digits

The Farnoosh dress is the clothing equivalent of your ultimate wingwoman: She’ll emphasize your good sides without revealing too much, and she’s comfortable in any setting. Plus, she’s always down to get pizza (read: machine-washable).


Pants That Feel Like a Prize

Much like a day spent watching romcoms and eating ice cream, the Hadley pants in garnet are fun, comfortable, and exactly what you deserve after getting through a long week. The color is just neutral enough to keep people guessing whether you “dressed up” for Valentine’s Day.


A Warm Cashmere Hug

Maybe what you really want right now is an all-day hug (we can relate). Wearing the cashmere Luan sweater isn’t quite as cozy as snuggling up in the arms of someone you love—but it’s pretty close.


Elegant, of-the-Moment Earrings

From Harry Styles to Kamala Harris, pearls have officially made a comeback. Try the Capri earrings for an elegant and unique take on the trend.


A Coat with a Dark Side

When most of your socializing happens outdoors, it’s worth investing in a show-stopping coat that’s actually warm. The Cleo coat checks both boxes—and it’s reversible, which gives you double the role-play outfit options.


A Jacket That Mixes Business with Pleasure

The Neale jacket in camel has the finesse to fit in with your business-casual favorites, but its cropped hemline gives it a subtly flirty feel. Add some high-waisted jeans and sleek booties for an outfit that mixes business with pleasure in the best way.


A Bracelet That’s Just for You

The past year has been all about bold earrings and necklaces that pop on Zoom, but there’s something to be said for accessories you wear solely for your own benefit. Lately, I’ve been wearing the thread bracelet simply because I enjoy looking at it on my wrist as I type.


Just a Really Excellent Pair of Pants

I like to think of the Oshima pant as the Foster pant’s quirky younger sister. It has the same curve-hugging fit and stretchy-yet-structured fabric, but with a cropped, flared leg that gives it a more playful look. There’s nothing Valentine’s Day-specific about the Oshimas. They’re just really great pants.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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