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The Simplest Way to Look Chic Without Even Trying

5 head-to-toe looks that will have people asking, “Is she on vacation?”

By Caitlin Abber

One of the style rules I regularly, enthusiastically break is wearing white after Labor Day. Like a lot of antiquated style rules, this one was established at a time when an elite class of people wanted to differentiate themselves from everyone else. Wearing white meant you were on vacation and very unlikely to get dirty. The rule stuck because knowing it—and being able to go along with it—was a coded message about where one stood in society. 

And this is part of why I love breaking this rule—crushing antiquated, elitist social norms is super fun. Also, white looks good on everyone, and all-white outfits are still the epitome of chic. So I say, wear white year ‘round! And if people think you’re on vacation, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Below, 5 of our favorite all-white outfits that make sense 365 days a year.

White as a Suggestion, Not a Rule

For the purposes of this story, I’m using “white” as a catchall term for a spectrum of colors (or the absence of color) that includes everything from your crispest linen-white to a beige-like cream. Mixing different tones of white still creates a neutral palate, but the slight variations in shades breaks up the outfit and adds dimension. A perfect example is the pretty much made-for-Zoom Malki top in latte paired with the Milo jeans in tusk. This outfit kind of looks like an upside-down cappuccino, doesn’t it?

White on Bare Skin

As I said earlier, everyone looks good in white. No matter your skin tone, your hair color, or your body type—if you’re a human person, you shouldn’t be afraid of it. I especially love the way white looks against bare skin in the summertime, so when I saw the shoulder-revealing Dae top, I knew I had to have it. For date nights, I love tucking the Dae into my namesake Caitlin shorts and popping on a pair of nude heels. And something sparkly, of course.

White as a Casual Option

Of course, white shouldn’t be reserved for date nights and Diddy’s yacht parties—you can, and should, wear white on casual days, too. The strappy Rochelle tank is a versatile piece that can be tucked into skirts, shorts, or pants of any color, but when I’m having a busy work-from-home day, I like wearing it with my Hockley jeans. To add just a little color and a whole lot of comfort, the Koio sneakers in Azalea are my go-to.

White as a Sexy Statement Look

If you’re looking for a post-pandemic reunion outfit that will really turn heads, the curve-hugging Dylan dress in pearl with the Anna jacket draped over your shoulders just-so is your best bet. You could keep it fancy with heels, but I love to juxtapose the formality of the Dylan with a pair of Koio sneakers in a similar sharp white (plus, they’re easier to dance in).

White for Chillier Nights

One way to embrace wearing white after Labor Day is by incorporating it into your cozy essentials. Instead of a black or navy sweater (or, in addition to a black or navy sweater), go for the Chadwick in pearl (it’s a Sarah LaFleur favorite). The linen Chester pants in biscotti are a bit summery, but could definitely be worn all year—especially if you pair them with the fuzzy Emu slippers. Is anyone else ready for fall?

Caitlin Abber

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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