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5 Dresses, 5 Summer Scenarios

Comfortable, easy-to-care-for dresses that fit into your work-from-home, ready-to-play lifestyle.

By Madeleine Kim

Maybe it’s the extra vitamin D, maybe it’s sweatpant fatigue left over from long NYC winters, or maybe it’s the fact that people are finally going outside (safely distanced and wearing masks, of course)—but there’s something about summer that makes me want to wear pretty dresses. For a dress to qualify for my summer wardrobe, however, it needs to meet a few key criteria: It must be comfortable enough that I won’t have the urge to change halfway through the day; flexible enough that I can wear it while chasing my dog around; and (say it with me) machine-washable. In other words: It must be real-life-friendly. Here are five dresses that check all the boxes.


For Pretending You’re in Paris

Sometimes, the difference between a “grocery run” and an “outing” is nothing more than a beautiful dress. For your next provision-acquisition mission, wear the Jane and pretend your grocery store is an adorable Parisian market. Our subtly textured staccato fabric is both lightweight and incredibly durable, making it ideal for hauling a bunch of leeks and rosé home when it’s 86 degrees outside.


For Overly Caffeinated Workdays

When I know it’s going to be one of those days, I reach for my Jillian dress—and not only because the color helps me look much more alert than I feel. The Jillian is wrinkle-resistant (so it stays nice and crisp no matter how much I slouch), and a relaxed fit in the bodice means I can stretch, power pose, etc. to get the blood flowing during work breaks. Plus, between its gorgeous gathering at the waist, the silky-smooth feel of its lining, and its lipstick-red hue, this dress just makes me happy.


For Baking with Kids

I don’t have a stand mixer, so my baking process usually involves attempting to whisk things that do not want to be whisked. Thus, another part of my baking process involves getting covered in flour and then tossing things in the washing machine. I imagine baking with small children involves an even greater degree of chaos. If you expect to get a little messy but still want to look good, try the Maaza: a T-shirt dress that will keep you cool while the oven is on and emerge from the washing machine flour-free.


For Socially-Distanced Flirting

If you’re still on lockdown, your best chance of app-free, in-the-wild flirtation is to make sultry eye contact with strangers during your daily walk. Unfortunately, at this point in the summer, sweat is unavoidable during all outdoor excursions that occur between 9am and 6pm. To feel fresh during your wink-filled walks, reach for a piece that’s treated with Polygiene®, an all-natural fabric finish that repels odors. Lately, my go-to is the Noel dress in emerald. (Note: If you’re not looking for romantic love, I recommend repurposing your flirtatious energy into smiling at all dogs.)


For Drinking Alone (in a Non-Sad, Independent Kind of Way)

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Our staccato fabric is some kind of magical. It’s machine-washable, staunchly wrinkle-repellent, deceptively lightweight despite its structured appearance, and—in black—quite difficult to stain. Ever since we made the Inez dress in staccato, it’s been a consistent top-seller due to the simple fact that it’s so flattering on so many body types. Fearlessly wear it as you sip red wine solo and plot your next adventure. 

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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