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The 5-piece Work Wardrobe: Is It Possible?

September 24, 2015

During a recent interview, a journalist asked our CEO Sarah LaFleur what would constitute her perfect 5-piece work wardrobe. This gave us serious pause. I mean, we’re are all for keeping our closets streamlined, but five pieces? Just five?!

Once we got over our initial shock, we had fun playing the if-you-were-trapped-on-a-desert-island-with-only-five-pieces-of-workwear game. Here’s what we came up with.

5-piece work wardrobe

1. An everyday dress in a seasonal color.

Every woman needs a no-brainer dress that’s flattering and interesting, but also completely fuss-free. The Caroline fits the bill perfectly. It’s machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, and in this sophisticated claret color, it’s the perfect everyday piece for fall. And winter. And spring.

5-piece work wardrobe

2. A power dress in an eye-catching print.

Some days, you still crave the ease of a dress (or an “adult onesie” as Sarah likes to call them), but you’re ready to turn some heads. Enter our updated Etsuko (known for its insanely flattering silhouette) in a new crackle jacquard. This dress pushes the boundaries while always taking care of business (TCOB)—just like you.

5-piece work wardrobe

3. A go-everywhere jacket.

You’ve probably heard us go on and on about our love of this “jardigan.” Half-jacket, half-cardigan, it’s comfy, cozy, and just sharp enough. Throw it on over a dress, pair it with a skirt to create the look of a suit, or just keep it at your desk to combat over-aggressive office AC.

5-piece work wardrobe

4. A pencil skirt with an interesting design detail…

Everyone loves a pencil skirt but—let’s just admit it—they can be exceedingly boring. That’s why the SoHo is more than just a pencil skirt. Made from devastatingly soft Italian jersey, it features strategic pleating that flatters your natural curves. Pair it with a silk blouse, a tank, a knit, or… (Keep reading! It’s about to get good!)

5-piece work wardrobe

5. …and a matching shirt.

Since you’ve got the perfect skirt, you might as well buy a matching shirt: the Winfrey. Yes, you can wear them separately (pair the shirt with skinny jeans, high-waisted paints, or flared skirts); but when you put them together, magic happens. You basically get the look of a saucy cocktail dress, but the versatility of separates. And since we’re hypothetically stuck on an island with only five pieces of workwear, versatility is key.

So there you have it. What would you include in your 5-piece work wardrobe? Browse our #PracticeMakes collection to get inspired.

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