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5 Women on Their Effortless Summer Uniform

July 28, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

Bright, summery shades are nice and everything, but all-black ensembles still have a place in our hearts and wardrobes during the warmest time of the year. In fact, some argue that wearing black keeps you cooler than light colors—and no one can dispute that it’s much better for hiding sweat, ice cream dribbles, and whatever else manages to migrate onto your clothes during the course of a normal day. Read on to see how five MM team members are wearing their black-on-black uniforms in July.

Adriana, technical designer

Adriana wears the Fey top and the Soho skirt.

Noir philosophy: I wear black three to five times per week—it goes with everything and can be worn anywhere. It instantly makes me feel more dressed up.

Styling tips: In warmer months, the key is to stick to light, soft fabrics that are either flowy, stretchy, or both.

What makes this outfit work? This outfit is all about the fabric and silhouette: The top and skirt can read as more casual, but pairing them together to create an all-black color palette elevates the overall look. I feel fresh, confident, and super comfortable.

Elecia, stylist

Elecia wears the Sarah 7.0 dress.

Noir philosophy: I am absolutely a fan of all-black ensembles, but I haven’t always felt that way. Growing up, I thought all-black outfits made me look goth, but now I love wearing monochrome because it’s both easy and chic. I wear all black at least once a week.

Styling tips: When wearing a head-to-toe black outfit, it all comes down to the accessories. A great pair of sunglasses and pink lipstick are all you need to be ready for warm weather.

What makes this outfit work? The ice cream, of course! I also love the shoulder detail of the Sarah 7.0 dress. When the weather’s already hot, you don’t need an extra layer, so you can show off the best part of this dress.

Arushi, associate director of product development

Arushi wears the Mirren top and the Greenpoint skirt.

Noir philosophy: More often than not, you can find me in an all-black outfit. It’s a uniform: Black pairs with everything, and it makes me feel polished and professional. 

Styling tips: I feel crisp and put together in my black ensembles, so I tend to wear them on days I need to buckle down and focus on work or for serious meetings and presentations. In the summer, I opt for sleeveless pieces, colorful accessories, and a bright lip.

What makes this outfit work? The jersey and ponte fabrics are breathable and can be worn year-round. Being pregnant, I’ve come to value fabrics that accommodate a changing body and don’t make me overheat. Since knit fabrics move and recover beautifully, I’ll be able to get good use out of these pieces post-pregnancy, too.

Christina, merchandising coordinator

Christina wears the Blixen top, the Soho skirt, and the Graham kimono.

Noir philosophy: I’m a huge fan of all-black looks, no matter the time of year. I wear black to work most days, and then straight out to dinner or drinks with friends afterwards. It makes me feel sophisticated and sharp.

Styling tips: Black is great for summer because it hides sweat marks. I love to add a contrasting accessory, like these sunglasses, to break up the black-on-black palette.

What makes this outfit work? It’s perfect for transitioning from sweltering outdoor temperatures to overly AC’d offices, and since the top is sleeveless, you can easily add a layering piece like the Graham kimono when you go inside.

Nikita, stylist

Nikita wears the Katie dress, the Europa necklace, and the Elara earrings.

Noir philosophy: Black-on-black is my default setting; my standard uniform. I wear black everywhere and all the time. It makes me feel calm and reflective, which balances my whirring, high-energy state. It’s sleek, timeless, and effortless for any occasion.

Styling tips: During the summer, I like to accessorize all-black with a pair of light-colored shoes.  

What makes this outfit work? The Katie dress is easy and comfortable—a true one-and-done outfit. I love that the necklace and earrings add texture and dimension.

Photographs by Maria Karas.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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