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6 Ways to Combat Work-Day Fatigue

March 15, 2019 | Filed in: Your Brain

At M.M.LaFleur, we believe that when women succeed at work, the world is a better place. We design beautiful, office-appropriate clothing that keeps the spotlight on you, and we host intimate events for the remarkable women in our community.

Working at a desk or standing all day can be just as exhausting as major exertion, but without the exercise part. The antidote? Our Ath-suitable collection! With even doses of practicality and polish, it’s designed to get you moving. In that spirit, we asked our team what they do to shake things up when they’re lagging on a workday. Here’s what six of them told us.

1. Process Mapping

“On days when emails among a large group become confusing and overwhelming, my go-to move is ‘process mapping.’ It gets me up from my desk and away from my computer. I’m able to think about the big picture, feel more energized, and get excited to be strategizing again.

I’ll book a conference room, ideally with a bright window, and grab my multicolored pack of sticky-notes. I pace the room and reach up and down on the wall, charting my map while moving my limbs. I like to do this in the Merritt jardigan—it lets me move around like I’m at home in a sweatshirt, but I know I look put together without having to think about it.”

—Maria, Operations Project Manager

2. Seating Switch-Up

“I like to change up my day by sitting criss-cross-applesauce, as they say in preschool. It may seem ironic, but sitting cross-legged like I did as a kid is when I get my best ideas. Something about being flexible and having the ability to sit this way—thanks to both the plush, comfy pergola space in our office and these extraordinarily comfortable Elliot trousers—really helps me kick off my heels and unleash my creativity.”

—Karen, Senior Experience Operations Associate

3. Office-Friendly Yoga

“I think, breathe, and listen better after a yoga class, so I’ve been trying to incorporate yoga techniques into my workday. I’m not launching straight into a headstand or floating lotus on the office carpet, but I do find that doing a yoga pose for even a brief amount of time affects my mood. Right now, my office-appropriate yoga moves involve pushing back from my desk, closing my eyes, stretching my arms behind my back, and deeply breathing in and out to open my chest. This movement encourages me to get out of my head and be open to my coworkers, customers, and any conflict at hand. Even on days when I haven’t had time to attend a full yoga class that morning, it doesn’t hurt to have workwear that facilitates movement—I swear by the Shaw pant, Chen parka combo.”

—Liz, Kizukai Program Stylist

4. Spontaneous Salsa Dancing

Jessica wears the Brodie top, Crosby skirt, and Ginger pump.

“I dance salsa and it revitalizes me. I do it when I’m happy, and also when I’m stressed. It forces me to be present and self-aware in a way few other activities do. As a direct effect, it allows me a mental break. I’ve found that dancing by myself behind my standing desk or on my way to the kitchen for a snack, even for just a few seconds, has a revitalizing effect. I love listening to Latin music while I type and sometimes I get swept up in it while working. My team loves catching me in a full salsa at my desk. It helps me deliver my best work.”

—Jessica, Senior Retention Marketing Associate

5. Dancer Mentality

Alysa wears the Constance dress and Vonetta earrings.

“In addition to being a stylist, I’m a trained dancer, and I try to channel what I’ve learned from dance into my day-to-day styling work. So much of dance depends on rhythm and chemistry, how your partner is feeling, and how you feel at that moment. It translates well to styling appointments: You have to be flexible and adaptable, anticipating the customer’s needs and understanding them, much as with dance partners. I often find myself sashaying and swaying to and from the dressing rooms. It  helps keep things loose and light-hearted throughout the day.”

—Alysa, showroom stylist, Bryant Park

6. Daily Dose of Stretch

“My favorite way to hit the reset button at work is by leading M.M.’s design and production teams in a daily afternoon stretch. In a business casual environment, it can be a challenge to find pieces that are both work appropriate and also conducive to the movement my role involves since I’m often on my feet, measuring fabric. I don’t want my clothes to feel restrictive when I reach for the ceiling or down to my toes. And I certainly don’t want to risk damaging my outfit or baring my midriff. Luckily, the Blake top has me covered for both polished presentation and zen warrior breathing techniques.”

—Tamar, Production Associate

Photographs by Christine Han. Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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Hailey Cosseboom was an intern at MM before joining full time. Although a current NYC resident, she’s a Boston girl at heart whose happy place is a beach chair on Cape Cod, novel in hand. Read more of Hailey's posts.

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Let us send you a selection of pieces that will make you feel your best.
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