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6 Ways to Make Your Favorite Pieces Feel New Again

Our Brand Stylist, Nyjerah, shows us how to use fresh proportions and color combos to get more mileage out of our existing wardrobes.

By Nyjerah Cunningham

We all get into wardrobe ruts, which can lead to the dreaded feeling: I have nothing I’m excited to wear. But sometimes, a shift in perspective is all it takes to see your favorite pieces with fresh eyes. For me, playing with unexpected proportions and color combinations is the best way to make old pieces feel new again. Below, I use specific palettes as the foundation for six different looks, made up of classic M.M. pieces and newer styles. If you own any of the hero pieces below, use this post as a guide for how you can  experiment with different styling or mix in new pieces to make your wardrobe feel fresh again.

If you own the Nancy sweater...

Look 1: Warm Whites

I love the simplicity of monochromatic outfits, and mixing similar (but not identical) shades is the way to nail this look. Both ivory and bone are warm-toned whites, so I pair them with warm-toned accessories. For example, the canary color of the Irene slingbacks highlights the golden undertone of the Nancy sweater; while the warm brown of the Mabel necklace complements the overall look.

If you own the Merritt jardigan...

Look 2: Cool Grays

The Merritt jardigan is noteworthy for its cool Quartz color and spacious shape. “Quartz” reads as bluish-gray, so it pairs well with other cool tones like Baltic blue and ink. On its own, the Merritt can feel formal, but when paired with the Celeste top and the Milo jean, it suddenly feels cool and casual. The jardigan’s peplum-like silhouette complements the wide-leg shape of the Milo—relaxed, yet tailored.

If you own the Willow vest...

Look 3: Dreamy Greens

The Willow vest is deceivingly versatile—it can be dressed up or down, and worn open or closed. I like to emphasize its “no-sleeve” quality by pairing it with a sleeveless underpinning. The Giulia top is perfect, because it peeks above the V-shape of the Willow to add some dimension to the neckline. The Giulia’s bamboo-and-ivory color story plays well with the Willow’s magnolia hue; and the Colby jogger in dark olive balances out the green of the bamboo.

If you own the Imogen jacket...

Look 4: Soothing Blues

The blueberry of the Imogen jacket creates a nice dialogue with the blue accents of the Shirley dress; and the jacket’s sash adds waist-definition that corresponds to the Shirley’s sleek silhouette. Because the cubist jacquard of the Shirley has a warm ivory base, it pairs nicely with gold accessories like the Velma earrings. These earrings also have an architectural quality that complements the clean lines of the dress.

If you own the Samara sweater...

Look 5: Muted Multi-Color

The Samara sweater in warm copper provides a nice balance to the Jane dress’s more complicated pattern; and simple studs are the perfect accessory. This is one of those looks that is great for summer (what’s easier than a dress?), but will also transition beautifully into fall with the addition of the sweater.

If you own the Scotte jacket...

Look 6: Nuanced Neutrals

If you’re ready to play with proportion, try pairing a cropped top like the Scotte jacket with a high-waisted skirt like the Crosby. The warm-toned pattern of the skirt works beautifully with the warm saddle hue of the jacket. On its own, this skirt can feel formal, but when styled with the casual Alina T-shirt, Wanda earrings, and Koio sneakers, it takes on a confident-casual vibe.

Nyjerah Cunningham

Written By

Nyjerah Cunningham

Nyjerah is the Brand Stylist at M.M.LaFleur, and a lover of all things style-related. Her wardrobe motto is simple: take risks and wear them well.

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