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My 7-Piece Quarantine Uniform

Working from home means only wearing what you really love—and then wearing it again. And again.

By Tory Hoen

I sometimes forget whether I’ve been in self-isolation for six weeks or six months. Time feels oddly fluid and irrelevant, but certain patterns have begun to emerge. My existence is now boiled down to its essence: I’m making the same handful of recipes over and over; I’m spending my time only on the people (and animals) who mean the most to me; and during the week, I’m only wearing about 1% of my wardrobe—or about seven key pieces.   

These pieces must meet the following criteria: They have to provide extreme comfort, without making me feel like a total schlub. They must be minimalist and neutral-hued (lately, I like the mood-lifting effect of light colors). They must be easy to layer, mix, and match. And they must, for the love of god, be machine-washable (or extremely easy-care).

So which pieces made the cut? Below are the seven I wear again and again, in various combinations.


The Foster Pant in Bone

A white cigarette pant might not seem like the go-to for a quarantine, but the Foster is deceivingly versatile and durable. It works with a variety of tops (from the crisp white Leslie tee to the drapey Chadwick sweater) and is stretchy enough to wear all day. (We’ve even yoga-tested it.) If I happen to spill ice cream on myself, which I do frequently, I just pop this pant in the washing machine, and it’s good to go for the next day. 


The Leslie Top in Ivory

A white T-shirt needs no justification, but this white T-shirt happens to be exceptional. Made of super-soft Pima cotton, it pairs nicely with just about any pant (the Colby jogger, the Foster, my leopard pajamas). It looks crisp and clean on its own, and it also works nicely under the Woolf jardigan when I need to look competent on Zoom.


The Spardel Top in Ivory

This hand-washable top is as comfortable as a basic tank, but significantly more chic. I love it with the Foster pant for a breezy head-to-toe ivory look. (Yes, I wear all white before Memorial Day—as should you, if you like. Remember: Time is a fluid concept now.) And if you still happen to be wearing a bra in quarantine (impressive!), the Spardel has lingerie snaps to hold your straps in place.


The Colby Jogger in Black

The Colby jogger is basically a fancy sweatpant. It is sleek enough to be worn as a suit (I pair it with the Woolf for important on-screen moments), but easy enough to wear with a comfy sweater or tee. The Colby also represents the quarantine style trifecta: machine-washable, goes-with-everything, elastic waistband (!).


The Paige T-Shirt in Black

On mornings when my brain is in slow motion, I keep it as simple as possible. The Paige T-shirt is one of those pieces that allows you to look pulled-together with minimal effort. I pair it with the Colby for an all-black, I-work-at-an-art-gallery effect, or with the Foster pant for a contrasting, minimalist look.


The Chadwick Sweater in Peony

Here in NYC, the weather is still swinging between basically-winter and almost-summer. It’s confusing, so layers are key. The Chadwick—our version of a fancy knit sweatshirt—is perfect over any tee or tank. I used to avoid pink clothes at all costs, but these days, this pretty pastel makes me happy—especially when paired with light-hued pants


The Woolf Jardigan in Black

Occasionally, I get the urge to dress up and feel human. The Woolf is for those moments. It’s stretchy and cozy enough for all of my quarantine moods, but thanks to its structured shoulders and clean lines, it helps me seem sharp and focused on Zoom. I wear it over the Leslie or the Spardel when I want to look (and feel) like I know what I’m doing.

Tory Hoen

Written By

Tory Hoen

Tory Hoen is a Brooklyn-based writer whose debut novel will arrive in February 2022. She spent five years as the Creative Director of Brand at MM.LaFleur (where she founded The M Dash!) and has written for New York Magazine, Fortune, Bon Appétit, and Condé Nast Traveler.

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