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Suit Up: 7 Women Find Their Ideal Fit

In which our M.M. team members (including a few skeptics) learn to love the full-suit look.

By Tory Hoen

When it comes to suiting, you’re right to be wary. While the classic pantsuit is chic in theory, nailing the fit is a heroic endeavor. But you know us—we love a challenge! So our design team spent months developing versatile silhouettes that look on-point in a variety of contexts (from the campaign trail to the cocktail bar). We tapped seven of our M.M. team members (including a few suit-skeptics) to find their perfect fit. And given how great they look all suited up, we couldn’t help but ask if they have political ambitions of their own.

Senior Brand Associate

Maddie, Height: 5'5"

“I like wearing outfits that have a structured waistline, so the cropped Neale jacket and high-waisted Mejia pant is a great combination for me. I'm a heart shape, so some blazers feel tight around my shoulders. Not the Neale! I was able to stretch, reach, and high-kick with ease. I don't usually wear full suits, but the camel color and cropped jacket make this one feel fresh and sophisticated—a vibe I definitely want to embody this spring.”
Think you’ll ever high-kick your way into political office?

“Probably not—mainly because I don’t like being in the spotlight. But if that changes, I’d be most interested in a position at the local level, where I could connect with and help people in my community.”

Speaking of running, what office would you run for if you decided to get into politics?

“Probably something at the local level, because I think real change starts within communities. I would focus on climate change and net-zero emissions.”

Customer Quality Manager

Casey, Height: 5'8"

“Even though this is a suit, it’s by far the most comfortable M.M. outfit I’ve ever worn. It feels like I’m wearing athleisure separates! This fabric has lots of stretch and is super breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and machine-washable. I’m perpetually running late (I know—I’m working on it!), so this look is perfect for days when I need to look polished, cool, and collected after sprinting from the subway to my first meeting.”

Senior Communications Manager

Maya, Height: 5'5"

“I love the Carmen jacket because it cinches me in at the waist, and the draping makes me feel elegant and feminine. The Elliotts are my favorite pair of M.M. pants! The high waist and pleats complement my body shape, and I like that they're roomy through the hips and legs. I would wear them most days if I could.”
Now that you look the part, what office would you run for?

“Maybe the school board. I’m passionate about providing all kids with access to quality education, paying teachers what they deserve, and supporting our public schools with more funding and resources.”
You look eminently electable. Have you ever held office?

“I was too afraid to run for school office, but when I was in college, I was elected Vice President of my school's fashion program. We were the biggest organization on campus and brought in thousands of dollars a year in funding. I truly think getting that leadership experience and running for a position where I had to advocate for myself and sell my skills helped me to later land the job of my dreams and feel prepared going into it.”

Manager, E-Commerce

Christina, Height: 5'4''

“I have an hourglass shape, and I sometimes struggle to find pieces that fit and feel comfortable, but I love this suit! The fabric is soft, with just enough stretch to make me feel secure but not ‘sucked in.’ The proportions are ideal for my body, because the pants fit my waist without creating those ‘whiskering’ lines across my hips. I would wear this suit to run a meeting, to give a presentation, or just to get my head in a powerful space for the day.”

VP, Merchandising and Planning

Elise, Height: 5'3"

“This suit makes me feel like a badass Charlie’s Angel—looking sleek, but kicking butt. I’m petite, and the proportion of the jacket and pant length are perfect for my body shape. The jacket is a badass in its own right: stretch seams allow me to move (and throw punches) as needed. I would wear this suit whenever I want to feel both empowered and free to be myself: a publicity event, a summer party, a political rally, or just to the office on a regular Tuesday.”
Have you ever held office? Or been tempted to run for it?

“I’m Australian, so I’m not eligible to run or vote in the U.S.—but that doesn’t stop me from talking the ears off my American friends to influence their votes! I never thought of it as ‘running for office,’ but in high school, I was on the student council, and I was House Captain of my ‘tribe.’ In Australia, our school populations are divided into tribes/clubs and we compete against each other in all kinds of events—kind of like Gryffindor and Slytherin in Harry Potter.”

We'd vote for you. Have you ever run for an elected position?

“No. I’ve taken all my leadership roles by well-organized coups. But I’d love to serve on a Water Conservation Board someday. Anything related to water reclamation and management fascinates me.”

Senior Project Manager, Creative

Sofia, Height: 5'7"

“This suit fits me like a dream. I got to try on the Bennett blazer in October when our design team was developing it, and I’ve been joyfully awaiting its arrival. It’s the first blazer I’ve ever put on that fits my hips, waist, and bust. Normally I have to choose: good fit in the hips but gapes at the waist, or fits at the waist but constricts my shoulders. Not this time! The knit seams down the back give this blazer stretch and mobility, which came in handy during this shoot.”

Senior Experience Operations Associate

Taylor, Height: 5'3"

“This is our athleisure suit, so it’s stretchy, and both pieces mold to my body for an optimal fit. It’s sporty and easy to move in—I have full mobility in the jacket—and even though the scuba fabric is thick, it’s surprisingly cooling. I would definitely wear the pants on the weekend with sneakers and a T-shirt; and I’d wear it as a full suit for a more formal day in the office.”
You look like you know how to run a campaign. Any political experience to speak of?

“I was Vice President of the National Honor’s Society at my high school—does that count? I remember giving my speech in our school cafeteria. I wasn’t nervous, since ‘talks too much’ was the feedback I always got on my report cards. (My teachers used to say I could talk to a wall.) I ran on a platform of bringing more fundraising and charity initiatives to the school, like having a cookie sale to raise money for breast cancer research.”

Photos by Takahiro Ogawa.


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