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An Ode to the Sweater That Does It All

September 15, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

At MM, part of our job is to sing the praises of the products we make—and sometimes, our pieces do the work for us. Exhibit A: the Morandi sweater. Known as the unofficial uniform at MM headquarters, a desk chair sans Morandi is a rare find (unless the desk chair owner is wearing it, of course). It’s consistently one of our bestsellers (even in the thick of summer), and one customer told us she wants to “marry it, buy it treats, and give it little adventures.” As fall approaches, we’re stocking up on fresh Morandis in new colors; here’s how four of our team members wear theirs.

Caroline, Visual Merchandising Manager

Caroline wears the Morandi 2.0 sweater in almond, the Annie dress in galaxy blue, the Selldorf necklace, and the Vanessa pump in gray.

Ode: I nearly gave birth in the Morandi—it’s no exaggeration to say I wore it every day of my pregnancy. Post-baby, it’s still one of the most-worn pieces in my closet. It’s soft, layers perfectly, and can be worn multiple ways. I’ve never received more compliments about a sweater in my life—I’ve bought it for my mom, my sister, and four of my friends, because everyone who touches it has to have it.

How to wear it: The Annie dress is a clean, no-frills A-line that layers beautifully under the Morandi. The almond color complements the blue of the dress nicely, and wearing the sweater tied in the back shows off the full skirt of the dress.

Makenna, Stylist 

Makenna wears the Morandi 2.0 sweater in navy, the Lagarde 2.0 shirt in cream, and the Foster pant in black.

Ode: I call the Morandi “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweater,” because if one person in the office forgets to bring hers, she’ll inevitably wind up borrowing someone else’s. 

How to wear it: This is a great business-casual outfit. It strikes the perfect balance of looking elevated but feeling comfortable. I wear a lot of neutrals, and the navy color of the Morandi adds a little bit of color while still feeling versatile. I tied the Morandi in the back to show off the collar of the Lagarde 2.0 shirt, and cuffed the shirt sleeves over the sweater to give it a more formal, polished feel.

Nadia, Retail Operations Manager

Nadia wears the Morandi 2.0 sweater in almond, the Lydia dress in cinder, and the Vanessa pump in beige.

Ode: I’m definitely not a winter person, but the Morandi actually makes me excited for the colder time of year. It’s impossible to put it on and not feel wonderfully cozy. I think of it as my work safety blanket because it feels like you’re wearing a hug. [Cue everyone sitting near Nadia pulling on their Morandis.]

How to wear it: I’m petite, so the Morandi feels a bit oversized on me, but the tie at the waist gives it enough structure so that I don’t feel like I’m swimming in wool. The almond color complements the cinder shade of the dress, and when you wear the sweater open, it shows off the nice stitching detail along the collar.

Zuzana, Finance Controller

Zuzana wears the Morandi 2.0 sweater in almond, the Rowling top in birch, the Foster pant in dark navy, and the Vanessa pump in beige.

Ode: The Morandi is my all-season uniform: I wear it around the office when the AC is too high in the summer, as an extra layer in the winter when I want to be warm but still look fashionable, and at home, all times of the year, when I want to feel cozy.

How to wear it: Tying the Morandi in the front creates definition at the waist: Just place one panel over the other, and loop the sash in a single knot. I love this look because the relaxed fit of the Morandi balances the fitted silhouette of the Foster pant.

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Alexandra Johnson is an editorial associate at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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