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The Best Outfits for Bigger Busts

February 03, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

We hear you: It can be hard to find outfits that flatter large chests, and harder still to find ones that look polished enough for the office. Enter MM’s Sara Holt and Emily Code, who know firsthand how it feels to be bedeviled with button gaps and are here to solve your problems. Read on for their wisdom.

Sara (left): Deneuve top + Greenpoint skirt

“The sad truth is that ‘Hey, eyes up here,’ is a very real thing I’ve dealt with for many years, and I’m sure I’m not alone. According to my grandmother, constantly touching your hair and clothes suggests a lack of confidence, so I’m always careful not to wear anything that needs adjusting. I put on the Deneuve in the morning and don’t have to shimmy or pull a single thing all day. I really dig the cream color matched with the russet Greenpoint skirt. The combination of neutrals makes me feel like an elegant startup CEO.”

how to dress for a larger chest

Emily wears the Lagarde 2.0 shirt in black with the Noho skirt in modern houndstooth.

Emily: Lagarde 2.0 shirt + Noho skirt

“I like outfits that are darker on top and lighter on the bottom—it’s a reversal of the typical white button-up and black pencil skirt outfit (or, as I like to think of it, the evil twin of a classic combination). Wearing black on top also means I don’t worry about my bra being visible, which can be a real issue. The 2.0 version of the Lagarde shirt sits smoothly and lies flat, which helps avoid the button-gap issue with blouses. I think button-up shirts are really flattering for larger chests, because they divide your boobs and help break up your chest area. I like that the Noho skirt in houndstooth feels a little retro, and cinches in at the waist—it helps give shape to my figure. I want my tops to be a little blouse-y, but not like a tent hanging off my boobs. A great pencil skirt solves that problem.”

how to dress for a larger chest

Sara wears the De Beauvoir 2.0 blouse in black with the Foster pant in midnight blue, and Emily wears the Rachel dress in boysenberry with the Wells 2.0 jacket in black.

Sara (left): De Beauvoir 2.0 blouse + Foster pant

“I’m hooked on the 2.0 version of the De Beauvoir, which has a little more room in the biceps than the first version. It’s a flattering peplum without being cheesy, and it gives coverage everywhere you want it while still creating a trim waist—very necessary when you’re an hourglass shape like me. It’s comfortable while looking tailored. I used to wear it exclusively with skirts, but then I realized how well it paired with the Foster pants, which I wear all the time—in addition to their mystical butt-shaping abilities, their biggest selling point is how well they keep their shape (resulting in infrequent washes, shhh).”

Emily (right): Rachel dress + Wells 2.0 jacket

The Rachel is my favorite dress at MM, hands down. I wear it to every big work meeting, and I own it in three colors: raspberry, boysenberry, and blue. I think V-shaped necklines are really flattering on larger chests, and the Rachel’s isn’t so deep-cut that it shows cleavage. It breaks up the chest area and solves the problem of having a big swath of fabric over your boobs. For me, it’s not about hiding my chest; it’s about complementing it, and being comfortable with the amount that I’m showing. The Wells jacket is super comfortable, and I like that it skims over my boobs, tapers in at the waist, and then releases back out at the hips. It’s also not bulky, which is key.”

how to dress for a larger chest

Sara (left) wears the Narie 2.0 dress with the O’Keeffe sweater; Emily (right) wears the Etsuko dress in elderberry with the Angelou shawl in shadow gray.

Sara (left): Narie 2.0 dress + O’Keeffe sweater

“When I first started at MM, I was totally obsessed with the Narie dress, but it was too slim in the hips for me. I’m an adult, so I dealt with this unfortunate truth and got on with my life (plus, my closet is way crowded as it is). Well, friends, them hips were let out for the 2.0 and now I get to rock this killer style in my absolute favorite fabric. When busty, it’s always best to show off some clavicle, and this sweetheart / boatneck / V-shaped combo helps balance out the otherwise conservative dress without veering into sexy. Then there’s the O’Keeffe, which I sport most of my waking hours. I love a good Morandi sweater, but, being curvy, I find this black duster to be a bit more slimming. It’s also nice to belt the waist and remember I have a shape during these marshmallow-coat winter days.”

Emily (right): Etsuko dress + Angelou shawl

The Etsuko is super comfortable, and a great long-day dress. I never feel like I have to fuss with it or adjust it. Even though it has a higher neckline—usually the enemy of big-chested women, because it creates a ‘shelf’ look—the two diagonal seams break up the panel over the chest and help shape the bust. They also follow the contours of the body, which is really flattering. And the Angelou shawl feels like hugging a sheep. You want to wrap yourself in it any day, all day.”

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