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The Most Fun Styling Moments of 2018, According to the Pros

December 21, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

Our stylists tell us often that the best part of their job is getting to meet customers face-to-face—so we asked them to reflect on some of their favorite (and most fun) styling moments from 2018. Below, they share the breakthroughs, heart-to-hearts, and outfits that they remember most fondly from this year. 

The Woman Who Took a Risk

“A customer felt like pants and skirts never fit well and hadn’t purchased any separates in almost a decade. During our appointment, she decided to take a risk and tried on the Crosby skirt in black—and ended up buying it in two different colors. We paired it with the Beverly top in alabaster and the Sant Ambroeus jardigan in galaxy blue. She looked and felt amazing. It made me realize that sometimes, out of insecurity or fear, we become stuck on one style or certain pieces and forget to explore other options. The only way to debunk these beliefs is to try on what you’re afraid of—and then you’ll often realize the fear was all in your head!”

–Ismelka, SoHo Showroom Stylist

The Woman Who Brought Cool Back

“When a longtime customer who knows the brand inside and out came in for her appointment she said, ‘I’ve been admiring your outfit! I wish I could look that cool again.’ I was wearing the Lagarde shirt in lemon, the Mejia pant in dark slate, and the Dietrich jacket in dark slate. Obviously, I suggested she try on all those items herself. When the dressing-room curtain opened and she stepped out, I could tell from her expression that she felt as cool as she did when she was 18. She ended up going home with the whole ensemble. The experience encouraged me to challenge other customers to move out of their comfort zone and try things on that they normally wouldn’t. If you like the way it looks on the hanger and you love the color and pattern, why not go for it?”

–Kaely, San Francisco Showroom Stylist

The Woman Who Dressed for Her Dream Job

“This year, I styled a customer for a series of important interviews she had coming up. The position she was interviewing for was a big step up, and she was a bit worried she was too young for the job. During our appointment, I pushed her to try styles that were stronger than what she usually gravitated towards, and came off as more confident. Several months later I ran into her at a yoga class, and she told me she got the job—and credited her new clothes for helping her ace the interview. Now, I think she got the job all on her own, but her new wardrobe made her feel stronger, bolder, and more confident. Helped by the outfits we put together, she presented herself as a candidate who was completely ready to meet the challenges of her new role—and succeed.”

–Liz, Bryant Park VIP Stylist

The Woman Who Owns Her Look

“I’ve passed down my own ‘A-ha!’ moment to customers time and time again: Embrace your curves. I’ve always had an hourglass shape, and the trend for oversized clothing swallowed me whole and made me look far bigger than I actually was. My evergreen advice to curvy customers, regardless of what size they are, is to highlight your waist (or create the illusion of one) with tailored silhouettes and waist-cinching accessories, like belts. This year, I often worked with women who were undergoing a major body transformation, be it weight loss, gain, pregnancy, or being postpartum, and by speaking from experience and using my expertise, we built outfits that were comfortable, flattering, and made them feel like the women they were always meant to be.”

–Genevieve, Bryant Park Showroom Manager and Stylist

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