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6 Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe (and Therefore Your Life)

Colorful outfit inspiration for those days when you need an extra pep in your step.

By Madeleine Kim

Last week, I bought yellow pants. The week before that, I wore this hot pink sweater for a day of Zoom meetings. And candidly, after I finish working today, I plan to hit “add to cart” on this springy green T-shirt and this very Carmen Sandiego jacket

If you know me, you know that this is out of character; I’ve never been a colorful dresser. But lately, something about wearing bright hues has just felt right. I’ve even noticed that on the days when I dress in vibrant, “happy” colors, I feel a little more open, a touch more positive. I realize that this could be all in my head, but to be honest, I don’t really care if I’m placebo-ing myself—as long as it works. 

All of this is to say: I’m on a mission to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, and if you’d like to join me, I have a few ideas we can try.


Paint the Town Red

There’s nothing quite like a red dress. Bold and unapologetic, wearing a red dress makes you ooze confidence, which is one of very few things I am willing to ooze. The kind-of-sporty Constance dress pairs just as well with heels and a jacket as it does with sneakers and your favorite sunglasses. Or, try the classic Etsuko dress for a one-and-done look, complete with sleeves, a belt, pockets—the works.


Take a Layered Approach

The easiest way to brighten up an outfit? Just add a colorful layer. The lightweight-yet-cozy Tyler sweatshirt in canyon has quickly become an M.M. employee favorite, thanks to its year-round, easy-to-pair color and comfy fit. As the days grow warmer, try getting creative with how you layer your tops. Lately, I’ve been wearing the Annika tee in rosewater over the James dress in rust for a tonal spring look. You could also try the Townsend top in orchid over the Rachel dress in black for something more subtle.


Bring the Outside in

Blue skies and lush greenery are major mood boosters. Why not use clothes to get that sunny-day feeling on demand? For me, the Leslie T-shirt in sky blue evokes that first warm day of the year in New York, when everyone in the city is either in the park, on a rooftop, or traveling between the two. If you prefer more of a deep-woods vibe, the Bridget top in fern calls to mind a shimmering forest in summertime, full of trees that may or may not be inhabited by friendly elves. Alternatively, you could reach for the Aditi dress in rainforest, which is just a really great dress in a beautiful jewel tone.


Soak Up Some Sun

It’s hard not to feel at least a little cheerful when you’re surrounded by vibrant yellow. Wearing the super-soft Dylan dress in Tuscan yellow feels kind of like hugging a soft puppy in the Italian countryside at golden hour. If you’re more into separates, you could pair the Pima-cotton Marcia T-shirt with the washable-silk Orchard skirt in sunshine, which is like this luscious dessert in outfit form. The Irene slingbacks in canary would be the yellow cherry on top (which is a thing, promise).


Go Big with Your Accessories

Low effort, high impact. Big, colorful earrings can make your outfit feel bright, even if you’re wearing mostly neutrals. Try the Briar earrings in julep or jasper for an unexpected and somewhat moody splash of color. Or, go for the playful Flores earrings in hazelnut, which are carved from wood yet light as can be.


Dress Like the Gem You Are

You’re an absolute gem, and you know it. Naturally, your outfits should reflect that. The draped Noel dress in emerald has a celebratory vibe, but its comfortable faux-wrap construction and machine-washable fabric make it fit for everyday wear, too. I also love the Nisa dress in cerulean for its bold yet versatile color. For those who prefer darker jewel tones, the Kelsey dress in garnet is like a fine wine: it’s good anytime, anywhere. Or, go with the off-the-shoulder Dae top in deep sea, a rich turquoise that’s been absolutely swimming off the shelves lately. When it comes to jewel tones, it’s hard to go wrong.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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