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3 Ways to Style Our Colorful New Collection

April 19, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

Our “Take the Stage” collection is all about color, so we asked the fearless Nyjerah to show three ways to incorporate our bright new pieces into your wardrobe. Read on for her tips, modeled by our stylist Sam.

Look 1: Color Blocking

Sam wears the Constance dress, the Osborn trench, and the Ginger pump.

“For this outfit, I played around with color blocking using two primary shades: yellow and blue. They’re on opposite sides of the color wheel, and they make for a visually interesting combination. Wearing yellow can feel intimidating, but it’s accessible if you wear it with a color you’re more comfortable with, like navy. When paired with the dark blue color of the trench, the turmeric shade of the dress feels more subdued.”

Look 2: Monochrome

Sam wears the Emalis jacket, the Sheela top, the Elliott trouser, the D-Ring belt, and the Ginger pump.

“Monochrome is one of my favorite ways to dress because it’s easy! You don’t have to worry about mixing and matching since every shade ties back to the same color family. Some people think dressing in monochrome means you have to wear the exact same shade from head to toe, but you can play around with different tones of the same color family. Here, the cerulean Sheela top adds a fun peek of brightness underneath the dark navy suit.”

Look 3: Color Pop

Sam wears the Lagarde shirt, the Dorchester skirt, the Velma earrings, and the Ginger pump.

“Another way to wear bright color? By making it the focus of your ensemble. For this look, I wanted to highlight the rich adobe color of the Dorchester skirt, so I combined it with a neutral top and pump. I also wanted to show that button-up shirts don’t have to feel buttoned up. I cuffed the Lagarde shirt at Sam’s elbows to give it a more casual vibe. As a finishing touch, I added gold jewelry to complement the warm tone of the skirt.”

Inspired to find your own way to wear color? Shop our vibrant new collection, Take the Stage.

Photographs by Yan Ruan. Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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