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6 “Desk Sweaters” to Combat Aggressive Office AC

June 28, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

Is your office thermostat set to arctic? It seems the hotter it gets outside, the colder it becomes indoors—and while cooling down after a sweaty subway commute is lovely, the chill that sets in shortly afterward is not. Rather than switching to hot coffee or investing in fingerless gloves, we’ve found a workaround for freezing offices: summer sweaters for work. Bring on the AC!

1. The Lightweight Layersummer sweaters for work

An easy, elegant layer in a light color, like our Sant Ambroeus jardigan in ecru or Woolf jardigan in taupe pearl, is perfect over sleeveless tops and dresses.

2. The Cashmere Wrapsummer sweaters for work

While “summer cashmere” might sound like an oxymoron, a lightweight, super-soft cardigan like the Daphne will combat chill without overheating you.

3. The Sharp-Looking Knitsummer sweaters for work

Could there be anything better than a stretchy, breathable knit that reads like a blazer? A layer that combines the softness of a sweater with the poise of a jacket helps prevent pre-presentation goosebumps.

4. The Fashion-Forward Cardigansummer sweaters for work

Linen, summer’s favorite fabric, is the perfect way to transition from a sticky commute to a frigid workspace. Consider a sweater with a subtle stripe or pattern to add a modern update to your outfit.

5. Not Your Grandmother’s Shawlsummer sweaters for work

A cozy wrap is your best friend when the AC gets turned up, as it can instantly transform into an elegant, office-appropriate Snuggie.

6. The Cozy Belted Sweatersummer sweaters for work

An oversized, versatile layer like our Morandi sweater wins the “perfect desk sweater” award (in fact, Morandis currently hang over the back of many a chair at MM.LaFleur HQ). This piece is perfect for those moments when you want to snuggle up while you’re buckling down.

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