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How to Dress Like Shiv from ‘Succession’

November 08, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

If you haven’t yet gone down the rabbit hole of riches, HBO’s hit show Succession offers a peek into the drama-filled lives of one super-wealthy family. And between the patriarch Logan Roy, his wife, his four children, and their significant (and not-so-significant) others, it can be hard to keep track of all the family members. If you spent the first two episodes trying to figure out who Tom even was, you’re not alone—trust me.

But Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, the sole daughter and only member of the family with a decent haircut, stands out with the sort of wardrobe that sends the rest of us to our closets to figure out where exactly we went wrong in our business attire. And she makes the styling appear effortless and natural; the blazer or pants, for instance, would never dare to wear her. And while her arc over the past two seasons has made her a polarizing character—her ruthless ambition is terrifying but also kind of admirable, depending on your morals—her wardrobe has only gotten better over time.

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Her style has become sleeker and more polished since she first appeared as a political advisor to a liberal candidate. In season one, you could find her wearing turtlenecks and silk button-up shirts in soft, warm shades—as well as the occasional oversized sweater. But as she gets closer and closer to the top spot at her family’s company, and in doing so begins competing with her brothers, her looks lean towards menswear—but not so much that she looks like an Annie Hall wannabe. This balance has made her something of a fashion icon, which is undeniable, even if you think she’s heartless. Here’s how to get her look for yourself.

Power Up

Shiv would wear the Woolf jardigan, the Nichols shirt, the Elliot trouser, and the Grace loafer.

Shiv is no stranger to a button-up blouse, whether it’s silk, satin, or adorned by delicate buttons. These blouses tend to be a feminine foil to her menswear pieces. And it works: With a jacket and high-waisted slacks—or a full suit if she’s feeling it—Shiv intimates that she’s in power mode, which is why she often falls back on this look for her work as a political operative. Look: If you’re going to explain to your bad-tempered father that you’re working for his enemy, you’re going to need a good suit to back you up. For a similarly polished look, try the Woolf Jardigan in regent blue over the Nichols Shirt in ice. Complete it with the Elliott Trouser in sharkskin, which nods to Shiv’s affection for wide-leg trousers.

Passing Fancy

Shiv would wear the Taylor dress, the Pellestrina earrings, and the Lillian pump.

Shiv may be ruthless, but that doesn’t mean she can’t play the role of a totally respectable and demure heiress every once in a while. And when it comes to formalwear, she doesn’t shy away from jewel tones and delicate necklines. They make for an elegant backdrop for when she’s wheeling and dealing during her own rehearsal dinner and sparring with her stepmother. The Taylor Dress in klein blue is the sort of rich color Shiv would wear to do business at a dinner party, and with the Pellestrina earrings to boot, you know she’d get her way.

Neck Deep

Shiv would wear the Arbus sweater, the Hockley pant, the Zelda boot, and the Tenley necklace.

There’s a lot of lying and deceit in the world of the Roys, but one truth we can always count on is Shiv’s love for turtlenecks. They might be the only thing she truly cares for in this world. It makes sense: Turtlenecks give nothing away and lend a no-nonsense vibe, creating a powerful look that’s perfect for Shiv as she calculates her next move. She wears a backless turtleneck at one point, which is how you know she’s not there to play. Tucked into high-waisted pants and often adorned with a delicate gold necklace (which on anyone else would look a little 2004) the turtlenecks are enough to assert her dominance both during family squabbles and in the office. Recreate it for yourself with the Arbus Sweater in earl gray and the Hockley Pant in black. Don’t forget to top it off with the Tenley Necklace for Shiv’s signature glint.

Photo c/o HBO.

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