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What to Wear This Year Depending On Your New Year’s Resolution

December 19, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

We all know how the story goes: woman sets New Year’s resolution, sticks to said resolution for a few weeks, and alas, returns to her old ways come February. While we know you’re a disciplined professional woman, we also know your new morning routine can fall by the wayside when you’re anxious to get to work and prep for that big meeting. Since we can’t add more hours to your day, in true M.M. form, we’re here to make achieving your goals a little bit easier via the magic of practical clothing. We’ve put together a list of pieces that will empower, comfort, and destress you on your way to achieving that looming New Year’s resolution. Think of it like armor for 2020. You’ve got this!

Meditate Every Morning = The Foster Pant 

The Peggy top, the Foster pant, and the Ginger pump.

So you can get ready for work and then take a moment to breathe before your commute. 

Say Yes to More Social Events = The Rachel Dress 

A great “desk-to-dinner” piece. Check out how you can wear it 10 ways.

Don’t Be So Hard On Myself = The Angelou Shawl 

A cozy, comforting accessory that you can take anywhere and snuggle up in when you need it.

Set Up Regular Networking Meetings = The Hoffman Blazer 

A classic, professional piece that can be dressed up or down depending on setting.

Travel to a New Country = The Peggy Top

A comfortable, travel-friendly basic that easily dresses up for nice, al fresco dinners.

Take a Daily Walk = The Zhou Culotte 

You can comfortably walk at any pace in these flowy pants, plus they look great with sneakers.

Cook More = The Rowling Top 

A machine-washable staple in case things get messy.

Work On My Public Speaking Skills = The Taylor Dress

A confidence-boosting power dress that says, “Listen to me!”

Read More = The  Morandi Sweater 

The perfect cozy sweater to curl up with a book. Or 20. 

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Emma is Associate of Customer Communications at M.M.LaFleur. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers. Prior to joining the M.M. team, she worked in media in New York. Read more of Emma's posts.

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