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A Week of Easy Summer Tops to Cure Decision Fatigue

Plus, simple ways to style them.

By Madeleine Kim

We all want to wear outfits that make us feel confident and ready to take on the day. But frankly, we don’t currently have the brain capacity to dwell on what to wear. So, we’ve assigned each day of the week an easy, washable summer top that you can throw on without a second thought—plus multiple options for bottoms to complete the look. Turn to this wardrobe calendar on days when you don’t want to spend decision-making energy on your outfit.



The Flaka Top in Hibiscus

There are some Mondays when coffee just isn’t enough. Give yourself a jolt of energy by wearing the bright and bold Flaka top in hibiscus (and if that doesn’t work, try listening to this song as you work through the backlog in your inbox). I don’t know how our design team did it, but somehow, this top is cool-girl boxy without being overwhelming. It’s cropped to that perfect length where it’s long enough to be totally work-appropriate but also shows off your butt. Oh—and it also has wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable fabric and lingerie snaps that make bra straps a non-issue.


The Lagarde Shirt in Surf

There’s something about a button-down that immediately makes you look put-together. But they’re often restrictive, uncomfortable, and easily wrinkled. Not so with the Lagarde shirt! This bestseller features machine-washable, light-as-air fabric that won’t wrinkle should you decide to take your calls while curled up on the couch. It also has an extra button at the bustline to prevent gaping. In our surf color, this top is oddly seasonless: Right now it calls to mind cloudless skies and foamy waves, but come November, I’ll be certain it was inspired by arctic snowbanks.


The Sloane Top in Freeform

Here’s the magical thing about the Sloane top: It looks like one of those special-occasion pieces you try to avoid eating/sweating/slouching in—but it’s actually machine-washable, odor-resistant, and all around real-life-friendly. Perfect for letting loose at a fancy party, once parties are a thing again. It’s also the kind of top that will make you excited to get dressed and start the day, which is a bit of a necessity on Wednesdays.


The Joan Top in Alabaster

I am wearing the Joan top as I write this, and it feels like I’m wearing nothing. The lining is silky-smooth, and the relaxed cut is keeping me cool despite my apartment’s questionable A/C situation. I’ve worn this top over a pencil skirt, half-tucked into culottes, and with denim shorts. I’ve worn it to work, to dinner with my boyfriend’s parents, and to do the dishes. I do not like green eggs and ham, but if I did, I would enjoy them while wearing this washable top.


The Ronda Top in Faded Stripe

The Ronda top has a weird amount of die-hard fans for what it is (…a tank top). Not that the adoration is unwarranted: To the extent that a piece of clothing can do things, the Ronda top can do it all. As many of my coworkers will gush, this machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant tank has a relaxed-but-not-baggy cut that falls beautifully over your favorite skinny pants and jeans or tucks easily into high-waisted skirts and wide-legged trousers. The V-shaped neckline gives it an open, airy feel, but it’s not so low that you’re worried your bra will show (also helpful: lingerie snaps keep your bra straps firmly in place).


The Mickey Shirt in Twill Stripe

The Mickey shirt has a lot of good stuff going on—a wrap construction, sharp lapels, asymmetrical draping, intricate stripes—but somehow, it still looks totally classic and simple in the best way. It’s also deceptively easy to pair: You can tuck it into a skirt, wear it over skinny pants, or (more realistically for a Saturday), pair it with jeans. Personally, I like wearing the Mickey shirt while listening to this and drinking a homemade cocktail.


The Chadwick Sweater in Peony

There’s something about Sunday that makes me really not want to change out of pajamas all day. But for my own sanity (and that of my quarantine buddy), I go for the next best thing: pajamas in disguise. The Chadwick sweater is elegant, polished, and decidedly not pajamas—but it’s so comfortable, you’ll feel like you never changed out of your matching PJ set. Pair it with these fun slacks or these summer-ready trousers for a put-together look, or with a structured skirt if you’re just plain sick of wearing pants.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Senior Brand Associate at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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