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5 Everyday Earrings for the Office

July 07, 2015

Once you’ve got your work wardrobe down, it’s time to add some flair. But when it comes to the office, you should accessorize with care (that rhymes).

When in doubt, we opt for delicate pieces that are pretty but practical. High-quality materials (i.e., gold and silver) are good, but there’s no need to bust out the Hope Diamond for your 9am meeting. Here are the versatile, travel-friendly earrings that we currently have in regular rotation.

The Bezel

everyday earrings

These 0.5-carat bezel earrings are a study in understatement. The circular shape is cut to lay fairly flat against the ear, but they still pack some serious sparkle. These are the busy woman’s go-to.

The Asscher-Cut
everyday earrings

These beauties constitute true bling. Created by the famed Royal Asscher Diamond Company in 1902, the “Asscher Cut” was the first cut ever to be patented. In other words: Your grandmother would approve.

The Pavé Hoop

everyday earrings

There are hoops, and then there are hoops. Lined with 42 pavé stones and not too big in diameter, these ones combine just the right amount of elegance and edge.

The Marquise

everyday earrings

Nothing wrong with a little drama, we say. For big meetings or days when you’re hitting the town after work, these Marquise studs fit the bill. Wear them pointing down for a classic vibe, or pointing up for a modern look that says, “I do what I want.” We won’t stop you.

The Emerald-Cut

everyday earrings

There’s nothing more classic than an Emerald-cut stud. This rectangular shape has allegedly been used and modified by diamond cutters since the 1400s, and it still works for us.

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Photos by Sarra Fleur

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