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What to Wear This Fall According to Your Shape

Tools (not rules) to help you shop our new collection like a pro.

By Madeleine Kim

If you’re a veteran online shopper like me, you’re familiar with an exercise I’ve decided to call “mental Photoshop.” It’s that moment when you’re looking at a photo of a model wearing something you’re thinking of buying, trying to picture what it would look like on you. And while I’ve gotten pretty good at imagining what every pair of pants would look like on slightly shorter legs with slightly larger calves, I would love to have someone just tell me which pieces will look best on my body.

Lucky for me (and you), M.M.’s Brand Stylist, Nyjerah, has some easy-to-follow guidelines to help us figure out which styles will fit like a glove. As always, keep in mind these are tools—not rules—and you should wear the pieces that feel true to your personal style. (And if you’re looking for more personalized outfit advice, you should book a virtual appointment to shop with help from a stylist.) Here are the fall styles Nyjerah recommends for each body type

For Hourglass Shapes

Nyjerah’s Fit Tips: If your shoulders align proportionally with your hips and create a defined waistline, you have an hourglass body type. To emphasize your shape, look for pieces with waist-defining details.

Fall Style Recommendations: You’ll look great in styles with sashes that cinch the waist, like the reversible (and fabulous) Cleo coat and the stretchy, water-resistant Colette jardigan, which is perfect for both running errands and outdoor dining. For pants, high-waisted styles like the Rogala and Foster are your friends, because they’ll hug the waist and emphasize your shape. If you want to add a cozy layer, try the cashmere McKenzie sweater—it’s easy to tuck (or half-tuck) to highlight your waist but also looks great untucked for a tunic-style look. And for days when you want to throw on a dress and be done, reach for the Joanna, an ultra-stretchy, form-fitting style that will be an absolute showstopper on you.

For Pear Shapes

Nyjerah’s Fit Tips: If your hips are proportionally larger than your top half, creating a defined waist, you have a pear body type. Choose styles with room through the hips, both to highlight your shape and to keep you comfortable. 

Fall Style Recommendations: A-line styles like the Melrose skirt and the Kelsey dress are always great options, because they balance a tailored waist with a more relaxed fit through the hips. For something more subtle, try the Astor skirt, which has a tailored top half and an asymmetrical flare at the bottom. Prefer pants? The wide-leg Hadley pants and Wesley loungers will give you room in the hips—and legs for days. Top it all off with the sleek O’Hara blazer, which, just saying, also looks great with jeans.

For Straight Shapes

Nyjerah’s Fit Tips: If your bust and hips are proportionally similar, and your waist forms a straight line, you have a straight body type. If you want to enhance your waist, look for styles that create dimension.

Fall Style Recommendations: Wrap styles, such as the June dress, fit the bill: elegant gathering at the waist and a slightly blousy fit up top create volume in the best way. You’ll also look great in the A-line Astor skirt and the Arden jacket, which has a cropped cut that emphasizes your waist and visually elongates your legs. For something more casual, try the Pima-cotton Axam shirt tucked into the stretchy Curie pants. The high waistline and form-fitting cuts will help define your proportions without overwhelming your frame. Add the Snyder jacket to this (or, really, any) outfit for extreme coziness with a side of waist definition.

For Heart Shapes

Nyjerah’s Fit Tips: If your bust is larger than your hips, you have a heart body type. Reach for open necklines and stretchy fabrications that give you room through the bust and shoulders.

Fall Style Recommendations: Some people believe that women with heart body types can only wear V-necks. We say that’s not the case (in fact, we say no to every hard and fast rule!). You can absolutely wear a turtleneck—just reach for something like the Axam, which has plenty of stretch. You’d also look great in something with a draped neckline, such as the Sloane top, now available in machine-washable silk (!). If you’re a sucker for V-necks, there’s always the cashmere Sophie sweater, which can be worn on its own, or layered over that Axam turtleneck you picked up earlier. Pants-wise, you could go in two directions: Opt for the fitted Hockley jeans if you want to emphasize your shape, or try the wide-leg Tinsley trousers to add dimension to your lower half. Finish the look with the O’Hara blazer, which has room through the chest and shoulders but isn’t overwhelming.

For Oval Shapes

Nyjerah’s Fit Tips: If you have less distinction between your bust, waist, and hips, with a slightly fuller midsection, you have an oval body type. 

Fall Style Recommendations: Faux-wrap tops, like the Antoinette, are an excellent option, because they offer room through the midsection and have elegant draping that adds structure to your outfit. You could also try the machine-washable, 100% silk Bridget top, which creates a streamlined look when untucked and defines your waist when tucked (or half-tucked). Want something cozier? The cashmere Sophie sweater has a swingy fit and slightly cropped hemline, which can define the waist. You could pair these pieces with the sleek Wesley loungers or stretchy Rogala pants—both of which feature elastic waistbands—or with the sophisticated Hadley pants, which, frankly, are going to look amazing on you.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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