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Gift Matrix: Presents for All the Ladies on Your List

November 26, 2016 | Filed in: Gifting

Ah, the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas window—that hazy, hot-toddy-filled month when the calendar is full, the work schedule hectic, and the inbox overflowing with emails about gifts and sales and random dessert recipes that you never wanted to know about. It’s a cheerful time, of course, but could use some simplifying, no? Alors, let’s cut to the chase: Our handy gift matrix helps you find just the thing for every lucky lady in your life—and we’ll deliver it straight to her doorstep, beautifully wrapped. (You can also try our Gift Finder tool, here.) Because we’ve all got better things to do than shop, especially this time of year.

Quadrant I: Go All Out for someone who Knows Everything About You

When you’re happy to drop cash on your nearest and dearest.

Gift Matrix // MM.LaFleur

Clockwise, from top right: The Marquise studs, the Bryant duster, the Wisteria ring, and the Bell sweater.

Quadrant II: Go All Out for someone who Knows You

When you’re willing to splurge on someone you care about, but don’t know intimately (and you’re certainly not going to try to guess their clothing size).

Gifting // MM.LaFleur

Clockwise, from top right: The Venus earrings, the cashmere scarf, the Fortuna bracelet, and the Angelou shawl.

Quadrant III: A Nice Gesture for someone who Knows You

A thoughtful present for someone you know—just not well enough to grasp the ins-and-outs of their personal taste.

Gift List // MM.LaFleur

Clockwise, from top right: The #BetterThingsToDo list, cashmere socks, the sticky note block, and the Infinity scarf.

Quadrant IV: A Nice Gesture for someone who Knows Everything About You

When you adore someone beyond measure, but don’t need to make a big fuss over them.

Gifting // MM.LaFleur

Clockwise, from top right: The Bezel earrings, the statement scarf, the cashmere ribbed hat, and the beaded tie.

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