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One Size Fits Most: Gifts For Everyone, Under $200

December 10, 2016 | Filed in: Gifting

The size conundrum can be a losing battle, particularly when it comes to gifts. You could try pawing around in your sister-in-law’s closet to figure out whether she’s a medium or large, but we wouldn’t recommend it. And if you’re shopping for that niece or friend’s daughter who’s probably grown three inches in the past year, just stop. You’re far better off playing it safe with size-less accessories. Which is a great thing, because we’ve got lots of them! You could even stock up on a bunch and squirrel them away—it never hurts to have something on hand for an “I got you something, too!” situation. Bonus: We’re currently offering a special “bundle” price if you purchase the cashmere hat, scarf, and socks together; email bonjour@mmlafleur to take advantage.

Below, a selection of our favorite one-size-fits-most gifts—which we can have on your doorstep in two days flat, all wrapped and ready. Better yet, they’re all under $200, and shipping is free until December 22. (And if you need more inspiration, check out our handy Gift Finder tool.)

The Scarf Necklace

Scarf Necklace // MM.LaFleur

The scarf necklace in black/navy.

Sure, most necklaces are size-free, but the scarf necklace—made from hand-beaded silk—is just a little more fun (and a touch less formal) than the average jewelry gift. Plus, you can be sure she doesn’t already have anything like it.

Cashmere Socks

Cashmere Socks // MM.LaFleur

The cashmere socks in vanilla (also available in acorn).

Has anyone ever said, “I have too much cashmere?” We thought not. These luxurious socks will be a welcome addition to anyone’s rotation—they’re practically wearable cappuccino foam.

The Cashmere Ribbed Hat

The Cashmere Ribbed Hat // MM.LaFleur

The cashmere ribbed hat in vanilla.

This hat won’t steer you wrong—it’s thick, warm, and made of a ribbed knit that doesn’t fit too tightly (no one wants the gift of hat hair).

The Beaded Tie

Beaded tie // MM.LaFleur

The beaded tie in black / ivory.

The sleeker sister of our scarf necklace, the beaded tie is a cool, multipurpose accessory that doubles as a conversation piece. Every time someone asks her, “Where’d you get that?”, she’ll cite you as the stylish source. (See tips on how to style this piece here.)

The Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere Scarf // MM.LaFleur

The cashmere scarf in eggnog / mocha.

Do you have a million scarves, but none of them are quite right? She’s probably in the same boat. This one, made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, checks all the boxes: It’s neutral yet pretty, long enough for a double-wrap but not too bulky, and softer than just about anything.

The Bento Box

Bento Box // MM.LaFleur

Let us do all the work for you, and give her a Bento Box—a curated selection of items chosen just for her by one of our stylists. Just pick out the amount you’re willing to spend, and we’ll take care of the rest whenever she’s ready.

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