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MM’s Guide to Fall: What We’re Reading, Seeing, and Doing This Season

September 01, 2017 | Filed in: Your Brain

Your summer vacation might be over, but this fall brings a lot to look forward to. We polled some of our MM colleagues to find out what books, podcasts, art shows, restaurants, and other activities they’re obsessed with lately. Go forth!


Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

“My book club is reading Conversations with Friends by 26-year-old Irish novelist Sally Rooney. If we’re judging a book by its cover (which I do—bookshelf aesthetics are very important to me), this one is very cool. And if we’re judging a book by its content, Rooney’s writing is distinctive and refreshing. I’m normally a slow reader, but I’m tearing through this book at a steady clip. It’s hard not to like a story about a clandestine affair…”
—Tory, creative director of brand

Sally Rooney’s “Conversations With Friends” (Faber Books).

Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) by David Sedaris

“I’ve always loved David Sedaris, and his diaries are every bit as entertaining as his short stories. In fact, there’s actually quite a bit of crossover in content, not that I mind. It’s fascinating to read about his rise from broke, drunk college dropout to internationally celebrated writer; his talent is that he makes it all seem so relatable, like, ‘Oh, I know exactly how that feels.'”
—Charlotte, editorial director

The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante

“After years of hearing gushy recommendations, I finally started reading Elena Ferrante’s 4-part Neapolitan series earlier this summer, and it lived up to the hype in every way. I cruised through the books and was hooked the whole time. Next up: Frantumaglia, a book of Ferrante’s letters, essays, and other personal writing.”
—Bianca, stylist


“We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85” at the Brooklyn Museum

“I went to go see this earlier this summer, and I’ve been recommending that everyone see it before it closes in October. It’s a history of the Civil Rights movement through art—or maybe the other way around? The artworks themselves are striking in both their message and aesthetic, and the stories attached to them are incredibly moving. Plus, it was co-curated by our Remarkable Woman, Rujeko Hockley!”
—Charlotte, editorial director

An Art Workers Coalition Protest, photographed by Jan van Raay in 1972, on view at the Brooklyn Museum.

Yayoi Kusama: “Infinity Mirrored Room” at the Broad Museum

“I have a trip to L.A. planned this fall, and am hoping to snag tickets for Yayoi Kusama’s wildly popular “Infinity Mirrored Room” while I’m there. The mirror-lined room features a seemingly endless LED light display, and (based on my Instagram stalking) looks other-worldly.”
—Alex, editorial associate

New York Comedy Festival

“I’m looking forward to the annual New York Comedy Festival in early November. It’s a week of great comedians performing at some of the best venues in town, and I’m particularly excited for Nick Offerman’s set. I’m also hoping to catch Shaina Taub at Joe’s Pub, where she’s in residence through December. She’s one of the most enchanting songstresses in New York right now; watching her perform is an emotional experience. I’ve seen her twice before (once in Old Hats Off-Broadway, and once at the NYCLU’s Broadway Stand Up for Freedom), and every time I hear her voice I get chills.”
—Emily, strategic operations manager

Eating & Drinking

Le Coucou

“I’m sure the food at Le Coucou is amazing, but I won’t lie: I’ve only gone for the view. Having a drink at the bar seems to offer the best of both worlds—you don’t have to worry about getting a reservation (which seems nearly impossible), and you still get to people-watch, enjoy the beautiful space, and sip on something delicious (my favorite is the ‘yellow cactus flower,’ with mezcal and pineapple).”
—Angela, stylist

The bar at Le Coucou in New York.

Union Square Cafe

“I recently tried the duck at Union Square Cafe, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in New York. It comes with plums and polenta—comfort food with a twist.”
—Jessica, HR coordinator

Rooftop Reds

“Rooftop Reds is a bar and rooftop vineyard that sits on top of a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and overlooks downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan. There are hammocks, cornhole games, and rooftop movie showings. The best thing to do is camp out with a group of friends on a Sunday afternoon, when you can sip rosé and snack on cheese right next to the vines where the wine comes from.”
—Emma, stylist

The Beatrice Inn

“I’ve been wanting to try the newly-revamped Beatrice Inn, which has been getting good reviews since it reopened this summer. I love a good, decadent steak, and the chef there, Angie Mar, is known for all things meaty on a silver platter—a woman after my own heart.”
—Charlotte, editorial director

A cheese platter at the (new) Beatrice Inn.


St. Vincent

“I’m hoping to get tickets to see St. Vincent during her Fear the Future tour—I’m a big fan of her new song, ‘New York,’ and she gives an incredible live performance. I’m from Nashville originally, so I might try to see her there.”
—Lesley, social media manager

Revisionist History

“I’ve become obsessed with Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Revisionist History’ podcast, and the second season is fantastic. It takes topics like McDonald’s french fries and Southern California golf courses and turns them into the most compelling stories. I was traveling recently and listened to four back-to-back—it was the fastest flight I’ve had in a long time.”
—Ruth, marketing analyst

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

“This podcast focuses on mental wellness by talking candidly about human experiences. The episodes cover topics like grief, getting dumped, and what you wish the adults in your life told you when you were little—it’s super relatable. I particularly enjoyed the mini episode ‘Not the Bummer Olympics,’ which talks about being generous to yourself and others rather than competing in a game of ‘Who has it worse?'”
—Sammy, customer logistics analyst

Images via Instagram. From top: @FaberBooks, @BrooklynMuseum, @honestlywtf via @lecoucou_nyc, @beatrice_inn

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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