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A Semi-Earnest Gift Guide for the Unsung Heroes in Your Life

November 29, 2017 | Filed in: Take a Break

During the holidays, your list of gifts to buy can feel more obligatory than festive. But we propose a different way of looking at holiday shopping, by adding a couple of the unsung heroes who make your daily life better to the roster. Read on for inspiration. 

1. The barista who starts preparing your order the second you walk through the door. 

This woman (or man) is a hero, an angel, and a support system all in one. They deserve the world, but since you guys don’t actually know each other very well, an ostentatious gift would probably make everyone feel a bit weird. But getting them something small yet delightful—like these Burkelman candles, with cheeky names like “Princess Jasmine Sparkles” and “Ambassador So-And-So” —is a nice way to show your appreciation for how many of your mornings they’ve made better.

2. Your dentist.

Hear us out—it’s a thankless job, but someone has to get you through another season of eggnog, hot chocolate, and crunching on candy canes. An MM travel pouch that can house a toothbrush, Listerine and floss while still looking chic will say both “Thank you” and “Yeah, I hear you about the whole flossing thing.”

3. Your neighbor who always shovels your shared sidewalk after the first big snowfall. 

This one’s easy: the greatest hot chocolate and artisanal hand-cut marshmallow gift basket you can possibly put together. As a bonus, offer to take over shovel duty.

4. Your incredibly organized co-worker whose well-stocked desk you raid for bobby pins, deodorant and dental floss. 

There’s one in every office, and they play a key role in dealing with bad hair days, wardrobe malfunctions, and avoiding having to give a presentation with remnants of kale salad stuck in your teeth. Say thank you with our woven scarfhat or gloves—any combination of which will keep her cozy on winter commutes.

5. Your wine guy. 

A homemade, Martha-approved batch of Italian wine cookies and a nice card will say “Thank you for not judging me that one week when I came in five days in a row.”

6. The UPS delivery-person who knows to hide your MM packages at the side door. 

Their extra care has enabled you to receive the delivery notification email with uncomplicated delight, rather than having that fleeting moment of worry that the box might disappear by the time you get home. An insulated water bottle to keep their tea or coffee piping hot all winter would be a welcome expression of gratitude.

7. Your dog.

We will never be able to truly pay back dogs (or cats!) for all that they do, but nonetheless: This is the perfect time of year to express your gratitude to your pet for another year of snuggles, happy greetings at the door, and letting you dress them up for Halloween. So here’s what we propose: order a Bento, and let your pet keep the box. We have it on good authority that your pet will love it.

8. Yourself.

In a season that can feel chock full of obligation, be sure to take some time to thank yourself for another year of hard work, good memories, laughter, courage in the face of challenges, and getting all of your holiday shopping done early (we’re rooting for you!). You’re as deserving of a reward as anyone else, so consider perusing our loungewear collection: a treasure trove of gifts perfect for commemorating triumphs both large and small.

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