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Where to Wear Our Holiday Collection This Year

November 13, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

With the holidays come twinkly lights, expensive travel, and ample opportunities to get dressed up —which is where we come in. But not all special occasions are created equal. Read on for five unique scenarios in which our holiday pieces might come in handy.

The Outfit: the Mariely dress in black

The Scene: You’re at the ballet (The Nutcracker, naturally), it’s intermission, and you’ve just ordered two glasses of prosecco for you and your best friend, who insists on staying in her seat to read the program cover to cover. A glass in each hand, you’re weaving your way through a group of kids dressed in their holiday best when you make eye contact with a man who looks suspiciously like your ex. Oh God, he is your ex. He takes a step as if he’s going to head your way—when the bell rings to signal that it’s time to get back to your seat. You give each other polite nods and veer off in separate directions, and you thank the goddess of good timing that he got a glimpse of you in your new lace LBD without you having to talk to him. Jerk.

The Outfit: the Audrey sweater in black and the Windsor trouser in fir tree

The Scene: You’re standing in front of your closet, flipping through hangers with one hand and scrolling through your calendar with the other. Today’s agenda: breakfast meeting, office, dentist (Noooooo!), office again, and a charity event at a swanky loft that you can’t remember RSVP-ing to. In other words: You’ll be on the go all day, battling unpredictable temperatures. You opt for stretchy trousers (which double as your “party pants”) and a butter-soft sweater. Voilà: A look that can withstand climbing in and out of cabs and hold its own among the fashion-forward fundraiser crowd.

The Outfit: the Gwen dress and the Hamilton sweater in black 

The Scene: You’re sitting on the leather couch in your in-laws’ living room, elbow to elbow with extended family. The room is toasty warm, everyone is at least one cocktail deep, and the spread of appetizers in front of you could feed a small village. You reach for your tenth bacon-wrapped date, mentally patting yourself on the back for choosing an outfit that is as stretchy as it is chic. Not only does the Gwen dress fit like a second skin, it hits below the knee—earning you bonus points with the grandparents. Paired with the Hamilton sweater for additional coverage and coziness, you feel conservative yet stylish, and fully prepared to indulge in the four-course feast that awaits.

The Outfit: the Serena top and the Perry skirt in redwood

The Scene: It’s 5:00PM, and you’ve just landed at JFK after setting a personal record for the number of meetings you attended on a single business trip. You have exactly two hours before your great-uncle’s annual Christmas party, which you are required to attend each year in order to stay in the will. After a week wearing business formal, you’re in the mood for something a little more attention-grabbing. You reach for the Serena top and the matching Perry skirt, put on a pair of statement earrings, and pull your hair back to show off the one-shoulder detail. Jet-lag, be damned—it’s not every day that you get to end the night dancing in an actual ballroom.

The Outfit: the Makenna dress in hail

The Scene: It’s the night of the company holiday party, and you’ve decided to pull out all the stops. It’s been a big year, and you know a decadent dinner, open bar, and dance floor are in the cards. Sure, you could just wear the red shift dress you usually trot out for parties around this time of year (which you still love), but you’re in the mood for something a bit more… regal. You opt for the Makenna, an architectural wrap dress with a flared skirt that’s optimized for twirling. You add a red lip, your highest heels, and you swish off into the night.

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