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How to Style Our Enchanting New Prints

May 24, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

Our new collection, Magic Hour, features custom prints inspired by turn-of-the-century Italian tapestry designs. They’re unlike anything M.M. has made before, so we sat down with Audrey, M.M.’s director of fabric research and development, to learn what makes them so special. Then, we asked Nyjerah, M.M.’s styling excellence associate, to show us how to incorporate the prints into all kinds of wardrobes.

The Story Behind the Prints

What inspired these gorgeous prints?

“Our textile designer, Elana, looked at original Italian tapestry from the early 1900s and was inspired by their floral motifs to create three custom prints for M.M.: Rococo, Ivy, and Baroque. Miyako, our creative director, wanted to bring some whimsy into our summer collection, and these intricate prints felt like the perfect way to do so.”

What do the fabrics feel like?

“They’re soft, airy, and light—exactly what you want to wear on a hot summer day.”

Where would you wear these prints?

“The pieces are designed to be office-appropriate while bringing some romance into the workplace. You can mix and match them with casual items in your wardrobe for a more relaxed vibe, or dress them up for summer occasions such as weddings, graduations, and outdoor brunches.”

3 Ways to Style Our Enchanting Prints

Look 1

Nyjerah wears the Nanette dress, the Osborn trench, the Ginger pump, and the Parker earrings.

“At this time of year, I like my outfits as airy as possible. I wore the Nanette dress without the sash, like an easy shift dress, and kept the Osborn trench open. The Parker earrings pick up on the white tones of the dress and add some lightness to the ensemble.”

Look 2

Nyjerah wears the Blake shirt, the Carson blazer, the Tinsley trouser, and the Ginger pump.

“This is a fashion-forward take on the traditional suit. If you’re hesitant to wear a bold print, the Blake shirt is a great place to start—it’s cut like a classic button-up, so the silhouette feels familiar and accessible. Here, I tucked it into the wide-leg Tinsley trousers and added the matching Carson blazer for a fun suiting option.”

Look 3

Nyjerah wears the Lise top, the Winthrop skirt, the D-Ring belt, and the Wanda earrings.

“For this look, I wanted to play up the flowing quality of the Winthrop skirt. I paired it with the Lise top and added a belt so that the top has the same kind of drape that the skirt does. Wearing two loose-fitting pieces can feel like a lot of volume, so adding a belt is a great way to create definition at your waist.”

Ready to try our new prints? Shop the collection here.

Photographs by Yan Ruan. Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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