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What to Wear to All Your Holiday Feasts

November 15, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

It’s a cold, hard fact that nothing pairs better with pie than a cozy sweater. And nothing pairs better with a second slice of pie than a cozy sweater with some stretch. That’s why this holiday season, we’ve put together a pairing menu of soft, snuggly, and downright festive knits for all your holiday feasting needs. Here’s what’s on the menu. 


The Francis Sweater

Imagine a sweater that looks just as good thrown over your shoulders while yachting on the Mediterrean as it does while stuffing your face with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes at your aunt’s house in the suburbs. That’s the Francis sweater. It’s a classic cable knit with a slightly tapered shape, so it doesn’t totally envelop your entire body, but rather, gently hugs it. As far as length goes, it’s a little longer than other sweaters, which means—yup, you guessed it—it looks really good with slim pants, like the Foster pant

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The Rinaldi Sweater and the Leigh Cardigan

We love the Rinaldi sweater with its sister cardigan, the Leigh. When worn together, this lightweight, slightly oversized knit duo has a vibe that says, “Oh, I totally planned this outfit in advance,” while also keeping you cool during awkward family moments. 


The Kendall and the Patricia

If there was ever a season when it felt appropriate to bust out a cashmere sweater combo, it’s the month between Thanksgiving and New Years. So embrace your inner fancy grandma, and go for a perfect pairing without being too matchy-matchy. The Patricia top is a cotton-cashmere turtleneck that looks like it fell directly from Shiv Roy’s closet (AKA heaven), but it’s machine-washable, so it’s not too precious to eat pie in. When styled with the Nancy sweater in rose heather, you’ve got a soft, chic combination that will make all your cousins think you got a raise this year (because you did). 

The Giulia and the Butler

The Giulia top and the Butler top.

Holidays got you seeing red? Embrace it with the Giulia top in saffron. This machine-washable sleeveless knit works well on its own, or it can be cinched at the waist by an additional layer (seen here with the Butler top), in case you get chilly (you will never understand why your father-in-law keeps his thermostat at 55). 


The Thelma and the Nancy

Look, we get it. There comes a point at almost every family function when there’s nothing you’d rather do than grab a drink and take a break from eating, debating, and definitely the very tense Jenga match. Whether your beverage of choice is a carrot juice or a bourbon, you must find the fortitude to make it through the next few hours. Of course, having the right armor helps. The Thelma top in honey peaks out of the Nancy sweater in a way that says, “I’ve got nothing to hide,” while the sweater itself feels like someone wrapped you in the softest blanket and whispered in your ear, “you got this,” just in time for seconds.  

Photos by Matthew Priestley.

Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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