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The Luxury I Didn’t Know I Needed: Work-Appropriate Pajamas in Disguise

It’s time to slip into something fancy (sort of).

By Madeleine Kim

I’m writing this from a semi-horizontal position on my couch. I have a floofy pink blanket beneath me and a floofy brown dog next to me. Soft piano music plays in the background. It feels crazy to say this, but at this particular moment, I’m doing okay.

Don’t get me wrong—there is so much about life right now that is so not okay. But after living in lockdown for almost a year, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things: pawprints pressed into fresh snow; the way the sun filters through the trees to create a mural on my wall at the same time every afternoon; the fact that my fingers smelled like orange zest for a full 24 hours after I made these cookies.

I’ve also gained a new level of appreciation for certain pieces of clothing. There’s nothing like isolation to show you which clothes you like wearing enough to change out of pajamas, and over the past eleven months, I’ve found comfort in the pure, tactile pleasure of wearing soft fabrics. So, when I learned that M.M. was releasing colorful new T-shirts, tank tops, and skirts made of 100% silk, I was intrigued. And when I found out that they’d also be 100% machine-washable? I was downright delighted. Because silk is a luxury, but machine-washable silk that can be styled a million and one ways is a practical luxury—a form of much-needed escapism that just makes sense right now. 

Also important to note: Conventional silk production can be harmful to the environment, so M.M. made sure to partner with a factory that is conscious of its impact. Our silk is made in an LEED-certified facility that runs on solar energy, using environmentally-certified weaving equipment, and 90% of the water used to produce our silk is recycled. We’ve also partnered with a Bluesign-certified dyehouse, which means we avoid using harmful chemicals in the dyeing process. And of course, the fact that our silk pieces are machine-washable doesn’t just make your life easier—it also eliminates the need to resort to dry cleaning and the harsh chemicals that come along with it.

I just placed my spring collection order, and until it arrives, I’ll be here on my couch, fantasizing about all the silky-sleek outfits I’m going to put together. These are the pieces and outfits I can’t wait to try.

Making Everything Feel More Special with Day Pajamas

Someday, I will go on vacation, and while I’m there, I will wear a matching silk set with strappy heels and big earrings (just manifesting that). In the meantime, I’ll treat these pieces as very luxurious day pajamas, by which I mean I’ll pair them with fuzzy socks and Sunday FaceTime sessions.

Elevating Denim with Silk

I have no idea what “going out” will look like in a post-Covid world, but I’m pretty sure we’ll all still need that one top that’s capable of dressing up any pair of jeans. I’ve never owned a silk going-out top before, but that’s because most silk tops aren’t machine-washable. Someday, I’ll be surrounded by people, wearing the Annika tee half-tucked into my jeans. Until then, I’ll wear it for Zoom (boring but true).

Seeing My Wardrobe in Technicolor

During quarantine, I’ve actually started wearing a lot more color than I used to (this bright pink cashmere sweater is my new favorite thing—who knew?!). I’m excited to use the vibrant colors of our silk separates to liven up my mostly black-and-white wardrobe. And who knows, maybe I’ll even wear bright colors in public someday…

Indulging in a Comfort Cornucopia

For obvious reasons, I would like to spend as much time as possible wearing as many comfortable fabrics as I can. A buttery Pima cotton T-shirt with an airy silk skirt? You are welcome here. A silk tank top with cashmere joggers? Step into my office and never leave.

Blazing Trails (Metaphorically, for Now)

Since I started working from home, blazers have assumed a new role in my wardrobe. Instead of wearing them to work, I toss a blazer on over my jeans and T-shirt and wear it as I go about my weekend errands. Whether or not you relate, wearing a silk top under your jacket will make you feel luxurious—a welcome respite from sweatpants (probably).

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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