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What I Wore: Corinne Hardy

November 21, 2019 | Filed in: Omakase Diary

Living in New York is a gamble. Some weeks you’re running around town, checking out new restaurants and galleries. Other weeks…you’re sitting around your apartment, waiting for your super to fix the hot water. This is a story M.M.’s Visual Designer, Corinne Hardy, knows too well. Luckily, she had our newest capsule wardrobe, the cozy Mediator Omakase, to keep her warm. 

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It feels like winter has come to New York early this year. There’s an extra chill in the air that wasn’t there a week ago, and it’s completely dark when I wake up in the morning. I love an adventure (right now, I’m really into rock climbing), but I’d also be happy to stay under cozy blankets all day. I opt for the next best thing—a luxuriously fuzzy cashmere sweater. My favorite these days is the Kendall top (fun fact: the piece is my M.M. namesake piece—it’s named after my middle name!). 

Corinne wears the Kendall top, the Gwen dress, the Grace loafers, and the Claressa earrings.

Part of my morning routine—especially on a Monday—is to take some time to get my creative juices flowing before heading into work. I majored in painting in undergrad, but now most of my time is spent in front of a computer, so it’s important to me to get my hands dirty, so to speak. Today, that means sketching with some colored pencils. Seeing all those colors first thing gives me inspiration for the week ahead. Coffee helps too. 


Corinne wears the Choe top, the Daphne sweater, the Oshima pant, the Zelda boot, and the Felted scarf.

I wake up to the realization that the hot water is off in my apartment. Luckily, I have zero meetings at the office today, so I Slack my team that I’ll be working from home while I wait for my super to come by to fix it. I bundle up in the Choe top, the Daphne sweater, the Felted scarf, and my Oshima pants—an ensemble that feels like pajamas, but still looks put together—and take my coffee out on the fire escape. I like to get a little time outside, especially when I could easily not leave the house all day. I give my mom a call to solidify our Thanksgiving plans. She’s a Kundalini yoga instructor, so we’re scheduling a post-turkey stretch session. I recently gave her our beloved Morandi sweater as a birthday gift, and it fits her yogi life perfectly: It’s comfy, roomy, and soft. At M.M., we always say our clothes are comfortable enough to do yoga in, and while she hasn’t put that idea into practice yet, she could! 

Corinne wears the Choe top, the Oshima pants, and the Daphne sweater.

My apartment gets really great light in the afternoon, and I feel almost warm once I come back inside to sit in my favorite chair. I tie the Daphne around my waist and finish up work for the day. I’m still waiting for my super to arrive. He was supposed to be here two hours ago…c’est la vie.

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Corinne wears the Daphne sweater and the Claressa earrings.

My super never showed yesterday, so I’m camping out again in my apartment, waiting for him. I bury myself in finishing up some website layouts for M.M.’s holiday campaigns to the tune of Wilco’s latest album, and I’m getting in the zone. Both at home and at the office, you can generally find me curled up in a comfy chair or couch—working upright at a desk just feels too stiff—so I like clothing that’s stretchy and unrestrictive. Today, that’s the Daphne sweater—more cashmere! Finally, I hear my super knocking. After some tinkering, my hot water is back in action, and I can’t wait to take a long, hot shower. 


I’m excited to head back into the office after two days at home. It’s a little warmer today, so I pair the Choe with the Gwen dress and the Claressa earrings for a little sparkle (and the Zelda knit boots on my feet—knits all around!). Before leaving, I tidy up the apartment so it doesn’t look like a hermit has been living there (even though one kinda has). 

Corinne wears the Choe top, the Gwen dress, the Zelda boots, and the Claressa earrings.

That evening, I invite my best friend over so we can catch up over wine. We both just finished Trick Mirror, so we need to reestablish our senses of self after Jia Tolentino destabilized them. We order delivery (burritos!) and rehash the week. Unsurprisingly, she spent a lot more time outside her apartment than I did. At least I can live vicariously through her stories. 


I need to be out in the world, so I make dinner plans with my boyfriend and our friends from the climbing gym. I head to the office in the Gwen dress and the Morandi sweater (since I topped them so differently, no one even notices I wore the same dress two days in a row). Fridays tend to be pretty casual in our office, but I’m presenting the holiday campaigns to the team, so it’s nice to feel a little dressed up.

Corinne wears the Gwen dress and the Morandi sweater.

In the evening, I swap my work bag for a clutch, throw on some mascara, and head to my favorite “special treat” sushi spot, Sushi Katsuei. Nothing like rounding out my week in the Mediator Omakase with an omakase dinner. It’s almost as comforting as my multiple layers of cashmere—almost.

Photos by Matthew Priestley.

Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham. 

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