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4 Pieces, 4 Outfits: Mix and Match Our Ponte Separates

March 16, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

Considering MM’s original battle cry was “Death to the pantsuit,” our relationship to suiting has softened over the years—and that’s because we’ve redefined what it can be. We’ve experimented with stretchy, luxurious fabrics, shaken up traditional pinstripes, and advocated for new proportions, all while keeping a keen eye on comfort. This season, we’re pushing the boundaries even further with our new matching ponte sets. Designed to make several different top-and-bottom combinations, these separates look sharp and structured, but feel soft and forgiving. Intrigued? Read on to see how MM stylists Elecia and Nikita put the pieces together.




Clockwise, from top left: The Colvin top with the Pippa pant, the Harriet top with the Pippa pant, the Colvin top with the Greenpoint skirt, and the Harriet top with the Greenpoint skirt.

When it comes to monochrome, I have to talk myself into it: I like the idea of wearing all one color, but actually executing it without going overboard can be hard. I was nervous about the russet color, because it’s not a shade I typically wear. Colors that are close to my skin tone can wash me out, but the light brown has just the right amount of contrast. Now I’m convinced that lighter shades of monochrome are flattering and elongating. These outfits are easy,  fashion-forward, and incredibly comfortable.

Outfit 1: A + D

At 5’9”, I typically have problems with pants not being long enough, but the Pippa pant is designed to be cropped, so the shorter length didn’t bother me. The Colvin top has a more conservative shape, making this an elevated look.

Outfit 2: C + D

Of all four looks, I think this one is the most casual. I would wear it to dinner, drinks, or any informal event during the day. The higher neckline of the Harriet top gives it a playful silhouette. I would also wear it with jeans outside of the office.

Outfit 3: B + C

This is my favorite of the four outfits. There’s an inverted pleat on the back of the Harriet top, and I love how it contrasts with the front center slit of the Greenpoint skirt.

Outfit 4: A + B

The V-neck and tailored fit of the Colvin top make this a more formal piece, and you could wear it under a blazer, too. Paired with the Greenpoint skirt, this outfit would be my go-to for a more conservative office.



Clockwise, from top left: The Colvin top with the Pippa pant, the Harriet top with the Greenpoint skirt, the Harriet top with the Pippa pant, and the Colvin top with the Greenpoint skirt.

These outfits are the definition of simple: Throw on any combination, and voilà—a chic, head-to-toe look. There’s even a physical ease about getting dressed—you slip them on and off the same way you would a T-shirt. The ponte fabric feels like a good investment, since it doesn’t wrinkle the way many breathable, lightweight fabrics do. I also love the color; I gravitate towards deep, cool hues, so the galaxy blue is right up my alley. Monochrome is the ideal uniform because you don’t have to think about matching. It’s an effortless and stylish way to dress. 

Outfit 1: A + D

I love that the fit of the Pippa pant is both tailored and relaxed, without feeling restricting—a nice change from skinny jeans. The roomier pants balance nicely with the more fitted Colvin top.

Outfit 2: B + C

The Greenpoint skirt is on the formal side, and I love the contrast when it’s paired with the Harriet top. The higher neckline and relaxed fit of the Harriet make it feel a bit more casual, but paired with the straight silhouette of the Greenpoint skirt, this outfit still looks right at home in the office.

Outfit 3: A + B

The center seams on both the Colvin top and the Greenpoint skirt align to create one smooth, elongating line down the body. They also have tailored fits, and wearing them together makes for a more formal, polished ensemble.

Outfit 4: C + D 

This look is just as versatile as it is comfortable: I would wear these pieces to work, but also dress down the outfit with a pair of fashion-forward sneakers for the weekend.

Photographs by Roberto Rischmaui.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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