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MM in Action: Meet Arushi

March 16, 2015

Arushi in the Lydia.

At MM.LaFleur, we’re all for celebrating the women who inspire us. But the truth is: We don’t have to look much further than our own office to tap into a network of amazingly talented (funny, outspoken, creative, collaborative, occasionally hyper) women. And because many of our customers and readers are curious to know the people behind our brand, we thought it was high time to introduce them. First up: the fabulous Arushi Kumar.

Hey, Arushi. Where are you from?
I was born in India and have been in the United States since I was 13.

Just curious. What are you watching? Reading? 
Currently binge-watching House of Cards and reading What We See When We Read by Peter Mendelsund.

You are one of the busiest bees in our office. What’s your role at MM?
I am the Associate Designer, so I do whatever’s needed to support and execute the vision of Miyako, our Head Designer. Some days, this involves designing a print or textile; other days, it involves sourcing new fabric and trims from various parts of the world; and other days are spent working with patternmakers, sewers, and all the lovely people who help us create our beautiful product.

Don’t worry, Arushi. It’s just a razor-sharp falling icicle. 

How do you like to dress for work? (You look great in the Lydia, BTW.)
This is not something a fashion person will easily admit to, but for the most part, I dress for comfort. That’s why MM dresses are so appealing to me. I can be in a client or vendor meeting one minute, and then hunched over a machine in a midtown factory the next. Soft, breathable fabric that stretches and moves with the body and still looks sharp is absolutely essential to my day. I usually throw in a colorful scarf or a bright lipstick to complete the outfit. But to be honest, sometimes all I need is my most broken-in pair of jeans and a white t-shirt to get the job done.

Thank you for letting us drag you into the snow the other week. Tell us about your look. 
I’m wearing the Lydia in lilac gray with a light knit turtleneck from Topshop. This dress is phenomenal. Made from beautiful Italian double-knit jersey (also referred to as ponte), it slims and is the perfect weight to hide those imperfections in the waist/hip area. Ladies, if you regularly wear tights with dresses, you know what I mean. The design is clean and the tailoring is impeccable, and I love the subtle twist detail on the shoulders. I wear it all the way through the winter by adding a light layer over or under.

Love your necklace. What’s the story? 
I got it 100 years ago—I can’t even remember where. Sometimes I feel stumpy when I wear longer dresses, but a long necklace can help to elongate the silhouette.

Success is…
Spending your time doing what you love (and getting paid for it).

Happiness is…
See above!

Scarf coming for Spring 2015. Stay tuned!

What do you love about working at MM?
Everything. It has always been my aspiration to work with a small team of talented geniuses to create a relevant product—and that is precisely what I am so privileged to be doing at MM. I have the opportunity here to put something unique into the world that responds to the needs of the kind of woman I admire—and that is so fulfilling, both as a designer and a working woman.

Thanks, Arushi! We think you’re a genius, too. 

Photos by Frances F. Denny

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