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What I Wore: Maya Iginla

November 01, 2019 | Filed in: Omakase Diary

No two days are ever the same for M.M.’s Senior Communications Manager, Maya Iginla. This week, she’s wearing our new Multitasker Omakase to read to little kids and hobnob with Amal Clooney (no big deal).


There are some people who love going on brisk runs or taking spin classes first thing in the morning because it “gives them energy.” I’m not one of those people. I need to stare into space for at least 10 minutes and then read headlines and check Instagram while carefully contemplating my almond butter banana toast. Generally, no exercise of any kind is involved.

Maya wears the Etsuko dress and the Woolf jardigan.

This morning, I snooze the alarm four(ish) times before my fiancé Andre (one of those people who’s disturbingly chipper pre-7am) pokes his head in to make sure I’m actually getting up. Of course, moving slowly in the mornings means that by the time I need to get dressed, I’m inevitably rushing. The Etsuko is a lifesaver—so easy I don’t even have to figure out what to layer over it (dresses with sleeves for the win!), but I grab my Woolf just in case, because having a jardigan on hand is always a good idea.

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I lead PR and communications at M.M., which means some days I’m answering nonstop emails and some days I’m barely at my desk. Today is a nonstop emails day, filled with interview prep and last-minute requests, because when it comes to PR, almost nothing is not urgent. After work, I head to hot yoga to decompress. I’ve become adamant about my yoga routine on Monday nights. It helps me start off my week on a Zen note and protects me from making those Monday night drink plans I always end up wanting to cancel. Ohhhhmm. 


This morning, I throw on my Osborn trench and make it to the subway at exactly 9:08am, just before the train pulls in. It’s finally getting chilly in New York, and I love how a good coat instantly makes me feel put together—even when I’m this close to missing the train that will get me to work on time.

Maya wears the Osborn trench, the Aditi dress, the Beebe belt, and the Bezel earrings.

During my lunch break, I walk outside to call my friend Beth, who lives in L.A. and is home on maternity leave. Making quick personal phone calls (emphasis on the “quick,” boss who’s definitely going to read this) when I have a few minutes during the day is one of my favorite things. It helps ground me and puts things in perspective when work seems insurmountable. Today, Beth and I talk for ten whole minutes before her baby, Sam, starts to cry. Success! 

Maya wears the Osborn trench and the Bezel earrings.


I force myself to get out of bed earlier than usual for Early Morning Reading with New York Cares in Bushwick, near where I live in Brooklyn. It’s a volunteer program I’ve been doing for the past few years and is the one exception to my no-morning-activities rule. My reading buddy is named Jayden and reads me almost exclusively Pokemon comics. Because they’re translated from Japanese, the books are organized from back to front and right to left, which is an interesting challenge. (If you have any burning questions about Charmander, let me know. I’ve learned more than I ever thought was possible.)

Maya wears the Rowling top and the Foster pant.

I’m wearing the Rowling, one of my favorite M.M.LaFleur tops (Drapey! Classy! Machine-washable!), and the Foster pant, which I honestly find more comfortable than jeans. 

Maya wears the Rowling top, the Foster pant, and the Beebe belt.


Our CEO, Sarah LaFleur, has a panel tonight with The Cut, but at the last minute, our VP of Merchandising, Elise, asks me to take her place at a private talk she was planning to go to with Amal Clooney—AMAL CLOONEY— because she isn’t feeling well. She doesn’t have to ask me twice. Allie, the amazing other half of our small-but-mighty M.M. PR team, covers Sarah’s panel solo while I run to Tribeca to make it to the event on time. 

Maya wears the Aditi dress, the Beebe belt, and the Bezel earrings.

By the end of the night, I think I might be in love. I wait in line for 30 minutes to get a picture. It’s hard not to look like garbage next to Amal, but I’m wearing the Aditi in crackle with the Beebe belt, so I seem calm, polished and pulled together—instead of looking like the hysterical fangirl I am on the inside—which is really the best anyone can hope for in these circumstances. 


Today is a quiet day in the office. Fridays are usually lighter meeting days for me, so I hole up in my favorite conference room, Cheetah, and plug away at some bigger projects to get ready for the week ahead. I’m wearing the Lagarde in cream, which goes with almost everything in my closet, and the Noho skirt, a.k.a. the perfect pencil skirt, with a scarf in my hair to spice things up (and also to cover a very bad hair day, shh…). 

Maya wears the Lagarde shirt and the Noho skirt.

After work, I head to writing class in Chelsea. I’ve been taking writing classes for the past few years. They’ve become a vital creative outlet and a way to meet new, interesting people in New York that I’d never cross paths with otherwise. This class focuses on personal essay and memoir. Tonight is the last class of this session, so wine is involved, which means our creative juices are flowing a little more freely than usual. I’m going to miss this crew.

Maya wears the Lagarde shirt, the Noho skirt, and the Ginger pump.


I walk to my favorite yoga studio in the morning for a Vinyasa class, followed by a pastry and a latte. Andre and I spend most of the afternoon catching up on the Great British Bakeoff and trying to work on our wedding website (which is slow-going, because it’s patisserie week on GBB, and it’s much more interesting than our Amazon registry). Then we hop on the train and head to Williamsburg. We try to spend quality time together doing something new every Saturday. Today we go see a movie —Parasite—at one of those theaters that has cocktails and popcorn. I wear my Woolf over a t-shirt and ripped jeans—the perfect antidote to cold movie theaters. 

Maya wears the Woolf jardigan and the Bezel earrings.


Early afternoon, five of my friends come to my apartment for pumpkin carving. We eat more donuts, brownies, and Skittles than anyone should and don’t actually finish carving the pumpkins, but it still feels festive AF. I’m covered in pumpkin guts, so I’m thankful my Foster pants are machine-washable, so I can start a whole new week without missing a beat.

Photos by Matthew Priestley.

Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham.

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