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Outfit Ideas for Lawyers: 10 Wardrobe Staples to Get Through the Week

One of the best things about life at MM.LaFleur is that we’re in constant conversation with our customers. When they give us feedback on fit or fabric, we take it seriously (did you know we’ve improved the Sarah dress five times over the years?). We’re always curious to see which styles work best for which women, so we recently did a deep dive to find out which MM pieces have emerged as wardrobe staples for lawyers and most importantly, women in law. Here are ten outfit ideas for lawyers, sourced from our own customers.

1. The Works-Every-Time Belted Dress (The Etsuko)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The belted Etsuko dress in black.

A machine-washable wonder that seems to work on nearly everyone, this belted dress is a wardrobe workhorse that can be easily dressed up with a jacket. Lawyer Bridget Kane calls it her “court dress,” and take it from us, Bridget is cool.

2. The Better-than-a-Blazer Layer (The Sant Ambroeus)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The Sant Ambroeus in deep indigo.

Our signature “jardigan” (jacket-meets-cardigan) is so much sassier than your typical blazer—but just as office-appropriate. Bonus: It’s wrinkle-resistant so you can throw it in your carry-on and still look like a million bucks after your eight-hour flight to Geneva.

3. The Easy A-line Dress (The Annie)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The Annie dress in deep indigo.

For days when you want both ease and elegance, the Annie is the answer. Supremely comfortable, machine-washable, and designed to flatter a variety of body types–what’s not to love?

4. The Business Traveler‘s Secret Weapon (The Nisa)

outfit ideas for lawyers

A study in versatility: the Nisa dress in black.

Running to a client meeting straight from the airport? Panic not. The Nisa is a wrinkle-resistant renaissance dress that will still look crisp when you roll off the red-eye.

5. The Goes-with-Everything Skirt (The Noho)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The Noho skirt with the Davis top.

Many of the lawyers we know practically live in this skirt. Dress it up for major meetings; dress it down with a cozy sweater for the occasional weekend work session.

6. The “Court Dress” (The Rachel)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The super-soft Rachel dress in black.

This is one of those dresses you need to wear to believe. Form-fitting without being too tight, it’s the perfect streamlined silhouette to wear under a blazer for power days.

7. The Elegant Wrap Top (The Deneuve 3.0)

When you want to wear a t-shirt but you need to look like a grown-up, the Deneuve is your best friend. Super soft with beautiful draping, it looks just right with a simple skirt or slim trouser.

8. The Versatile Mix-and-Match Top (The Winfrey)

For busy bees who want to keep their work wardrobes streamlined and versatile, the Winfrey is the perfect place to start. Pair it with the Hudson skirt or Soho skirt for a head-to-toe look that goes from office to cocktails.

9. The Day-to-Night Dress (The Lydia)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The Lydia dress in cinder.

Your first meeting is at 9am and you’re celebrating with clients after work (because you won that case, remember?). The Lydia will look sleek and feel comfy from morning until you face-plant into bed post-cocktails.

10. The Works-Every-Time Dress (The Emily)

outfit ideas for lawyers

The Emily dress in black.

When your to-do list runneth over, check the outfit box with an easy, flattering silhouette that looks professional but feels like pajamas.

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