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Dressed to Perfection: Improving Our Designs, One Iteration at a Time

January 20, 2017 | Filed in: Your Closet

We’re not a company that rests on its laurels. That’s why we’re constantly upgrading our “evergreen” pieces—the tried-and-true designs typically sold (and worn) year-round. No matter how great a dress might be, we always believe there’s room for improvement, be it a new fabric or a tweak in the tailoring.

Evergreen styles are the backbone of your work wardrobe, and mastering their fit is our design team’s top priority. In pursuit of the most flattering silhouettes, our stylists report customer feedback from all channels: Bento Box return forms, appointments in our New York City showroom, one-on-one emails, pop-up events across the country, and social media. Whether it’s a comment about a tricky zipper or a request for additional buttons, all remarks get recorded and brought to our design and merchandising teams, who work to incorporate them into an item’s 2.0 version (or, eventually, a 7.0). From there, we update our patterns to serve you better. We don’t just listen to your feedback; we do something about it.

Our new Better Things collection features our most beloved styles, several of which have received fit enhancements (read on for details). Questions? Our stylist team is also always available to talk about different versions of garments—just email

Emily, Manager of Strategic Operations Initiatives, wears the Sarah 7.0 dress in French blue.

The Sarah 7.0 dress: How could we make this MM classic even better? With machine washability, of course. The 7.0 version has the same stellar fit as its previous version, but is now cut from a fabric you don’t have to dry clean.

Sarah, accessories designer, wears the Aditi 2.0.

Sarah, Accessories Designer, wears the Aditi 2.0 dress in galaxy blue.

The Aditi 2.0 dress: This curve-hugging power piece now features a slightly lower—and more accommodating—dart at the bust.

Mary, Merchandising Manager, wears the Akiko 3.0 dress in black.

The Akiko 3.0 dress: Before re-introducing this favorite from the MM archive, we lengthened the back zipper and added more room in the hips for optimal comfort.

Danit, Physician (and wife of Ron, our VP of Supply Chain), wears the Alex 2.0 dress.

Danit, Physician (and wife of Ron, our VP of Supply Chain), wears the Alex 2.0 dress in graphite.

The Alex 2.0 dress: You loved the Alex 1.0, except that its snug fit sometimes made it tricky to get on and off. We heard you loud and clear, and the 2.0 version features a lengthened zipper, lowered neckline, and extra leeway through the armholes and hips.

Christina, Merchandising Coordinator, wears the Georgia 2.0 dress in black.

The Georgia 2.0 dress: The Georgia is still the definition of comfort, but now slightly more spacious in the arms and bust.

Susanna, Marketing Consultant (and mother of our Head of Service), wears the Didion 3.0 top.

Susanna, Marketing Consultant (and mother of Michaella, our Head of Customer Service), wears the Didion 3.0 top with the Dupont 2.0 pant in black.

The Didion 3.0 top: To create a smoother silhouette, the 3.0 version is now fully lined.

Kartinah, Customer Logistics Associate, wears the Deneuve 3.0 top.

Kartinah, Customer Logistics Associate, wears the Deneuve 3.0 top in cream.

The Deneuve 3.0 top: The beauty of the Deneuve lies in its elegant folds. For the 3.0 version, we adjusted the anchor point of the drape to sit just right.

Nyjerah, stylist, wears the Dupont 2.0 pant.

Nyjerah, Stylist, wears the Dupont 2.0 pant with the Didion 3.0 top in ink wash.

The Dupont 2.0 pant: To prevent gaping, we finessed the pocket placement.

Ann, Model, wears the Morandi 2.0 sweater.

Ann, our model, wears the Morandi 2.0 sweater in almond.

The Morandi 2.0 sweater: Our all-time favorite desk sweater needs no updates, aside from being easier to care for. Now in a machine-washable knit, the Morandi has truly outdone itself.

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Alexandra Johnson is the brand manager at MM.LaFleur, where she started out as a summer intern. Her happy place is the room housing Monet's Water Lilies at MoMA. Read more of Alexandra's posts.

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