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Ask a Stylist: What to Pack for a 5-day Business Trip to Washington, D.C.

March 17, 2017 | Filed in: Ask a Stylist

There’s nothing like a business trip to throw off your wardrobe game, but our clothes are designed to thrive under pressure. (Plus, our stylists love a challenge.) This week, in honor of our new showroom in Washington, D.C., we asked MM’s stylist team what to pack for a five-day trip to our nation’s capital—with only a carry-on, of course. Comfortable, easy-to-care-for pieces are a given, but what about a skirt that won’t wrinkle en route, or a top that transitions seamlessly from meetings to happy hour? Read on. And if you’re in need of an additional power dress after you arrive (or just a glass of prosecco), book an appointment with us—we’re over on K Street. 

washington d.c. business trip packing list

Packing List



washington d.c. business trip packing list

Day 1: Etsuko dressWoolf jardigan + Pavé hoops

Why it works: Versatility is the name of the game in D.C.; it’s not unusual to need an outfit that takes you from all-day meetings to after-work drinks. Enter the Etsuko dress, one of our go-tos when you want to feel bulletproof. Add the Woolf jardigan when you want to look a bit more formal.

Perfect for: Seamlessly navigating the transition from conservative offices to the bustling DuPont Circle restaurant scene.

Transition to evening: The Pavé hoops add sparkle without too much flash—throw them on before sampling the bar snacks at Off the Record.

washington d.c. business trip packing list

Day 2: Noho skirt + Deneuve 3.0 top

Why it works: A little pattern goes a long way in D.C. Pair the interesting-but-not-distracting houndstooth skirt with the black Deneuve top.

Perfect for: An afternoon coffee at Pleasant Pops.

washington d.c. business trip packing list

Day 3: Nakamura trouser + Rowling top + Square beltWoolf jardigan

Why it works: An alternative to the traditional pantsuit, this ensemble is ideal for more formal settings. The Rowling top tucks beautifully into a pair of belted trousers, and the Woolf has the look of a sharp blazer.

Perfect for: Presenting the deck you’ve rehearsed so many times you could recite it in your sleep.

Transition to evening: Slip off the Woolf, add some lipstick, and slide onto a barstool at Quill for a well-deserved cocktail.

washington d.c. business trip packing list

Day 4: Etsuko dress Herringbone scarf + Square belt

Why it works: For a Claire Underwood-approved outfit, belt the Etsuko dress at your natural waist with the Square belt, and tuck the Herringbone scarf into the belt like so.

Perfect for: A travel-heavy day that will require navigating Ubers, unpredictable weather, and demanding clients, and a hasty to-go lunch from Buredo.

washington d.c. business trip packing list

Day 5: Noho skirt + Rowling top + Pavé hoops

Why it works: For your last day in D.C., you’ll want a no-nonsense ensemble that you won’t think twice about after putting on. Tuck the Rowling top into the structured Noho skirt, and throw on some earrings (it’s Friday, after all).

Perfect for: Schlepping from the final meeting of the trip to your seat on the plane. (Keep the Woolf jardigan and the herringbone scarf on hand for the flight, just in case.)

Photographs by Yan Ruan.

Suitcase provided by Away.

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