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7 Summer Travel Staples That MM Staffers Swear By

August 03, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

It’s August already? To kick off one of the biggest vacation months of the year, we asked MM team members to share the favorite summer travel outfits they’re taking on their next fabulous trip. Go ahead, get packing!

1. The Nikita dress

summer travel outfits

“I always pack the Nikita dress, whether I’m going for a weekend getaway nearby, across the coast, or abroad to Europe. It’s comfortable, breezy, and sophisticated. I’m headed to Mykonos next week and I’m already planning to wear it on my flight. It makes me look utterly put-together without even trying.”

Jacqueline, Senior Manager, FP&A

2. The Morandi sweater

summer travel outfits

“I refuse to go anywhere without my Morandi. I doubt I’ll ever find a better travel companion. You can bring it to the beach to wear over your swimsuit when the sun is setting and the wind picks up, or throw it on over your workout clothes the next morning on your way to the gym. My family goes to Rhode Island for a week every summer, and I know it will come in handy for both the arctic train ride and cool nights out on the porch.”

Ashley, Customer Experience Analyst

3. The Annie dress

summer travel outfits

“The machine-washable Annie dress in chili flake is my go-to summer travel dress. There’s something about the dusty red color that feels particularly fresh, but not too aggressive. I went to Japan and Italy in July, and I needed an one-zip outfit that I could pair with flats or heels, and wear repeatedly. My main goal with vacation style is ease—no overthinking it.”

—Tory, M Dash Founding Editor

4. The Peggy top

summer travel outfits

The Peggy is my dream layering piece, especially in summer. The lightweight knit is so comfortable and breathable, and it’s a great basic to build almost any outfit around. I’m bringing mine to North Carolina at the end of the summer because I know I’ll wear it multiple times, and then I can just throw it in the wash when I get home.”

Linley, Customer Experience Associate.

5. The Foster pant

summer travel outfits

“The Foster pant offers endless possibilities. You can dress them up with heels and a blazer, dress them down with flats and a ponytail, and easily hop on a plane, train, or bus while remaining wrinkle-free. As an added bonus, if you happen to spill coffee (or ice cream) on yourself as frequently as I do, they can go right in the wash.”

—Callie, Art Director

6. The Breeze scarf

summer travel outfits

“Small yet mighty, the Breeze scarf might be the most underrated and versatile MM piece I own. It’s soft and cozy, light as a feather, and I love the beautiful blush tone. I recently brought it with me to Hawaii, where I used it as an accessory for my travel outfit, an in-flight pillow, a shawl during an outdoor dinner, and a wrap over my bathing suit at the beach. I’ve yet to find a destination it doesn’t work for.”

Hailey, Content Coordinator

7. The Lydia dress

summer travel outfits

“My travel staple is the Lydia. It can easily be layered, dressed up or down, and the beautiful shoulder twist detail is a lovely, subtle touch. The Lydia stands out and feels elegant, without being so memorable that I can’t wear it twice on one trip—especially with the right accessories. I’m bringing it with me for my sister’s bachelorette party, because I know I can wear it to work all day on Friday, hop on a train for two hours, and then head straight to dinner feeling confident and comfortable all the while.”

Emily, Manager, Internal Communications and Learning

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Hailey Cosseboom was an intern at MM before joining full time. Although a current NYC resident, she’s a Boston girl at heart whose happy place is a beach chair on Cape Cod, novel in hand. Read more of Hailey's posts.

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