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Meet the M.M. Styling Team: M.M.LaFleur’s Service Philosophy

August 02, 2019

At M.M.LaFleur, we’re well aware that not every woman loves to shop. (In fact, we know firsthand that plenty despise it.) You have better things to do than spend your precious spare moments online shopping at your desk and blindly guess your size based on a nonsensical online chart—and we salute you for it. That’s why we have a team of brilliant stylists to hand-pick clothing just for you, so you can sit back, look great, and carry on with your busy schedule. 

What does a stylist do?

The M.M. Styling Team is a group of stylists who are here to take the work out of dressing for work — whether that means placing an order on your behalf or helping you find an outfit for that big interview. Think of the M.M. Styling Team as your sartorial concierge or wardrobe spirit guide. You’re negotiating a major merger—and ten weeks pregnant? Hit up our stylists for a stretchy power-look. You’re an elephant trainer who needs an outfit for the zoo’s fund-raiser? We’re here with ideas. Maybe you’re just bored with everything in your closet and want some fabulous new clothes. Or, you have your eye on our best selling Foster pant and you have no clue what size to order. Whatever the reason, you can email or text us anytime—send some selfies, while you’re at it—or give us a ring if you’re more of a phone person. The Styling Team’s job is to make it easy for you to feel gorgeous every day, no matter what the scenario, because you have bigger fish to fry than worrying about what to wear.

Seriously, are the stylists actual humans?

Yes. The Styling Team is not an algorithm. The team is made up of full-time employees at M.M.LaFleur, and we will confidently vouch for their exceptional intelligence and discretion (they underwent rigorous writing tests and interviews to get this job). Many of our stylists have backgrounds outside of fashion, have impressive degrees, and probably have lots in common with you. They’ve tried on every single item we sell, usually multiple times. You can trust our stylists, and feel comfortable telling them if a piece isn’t quite right. We’re body-positive and believe in making you look like a zillion bucks just as you are.

How do I get a stylist?

When you place your first order with us, you are automatically put in contact with the M.M. Styling Team. If you have questions before your initial order, email and one of our stylists will be in touch.

How do I start working with a stylist?

If you decide to order a Bento Box, you’ll complete a survey to help us understand your preferences, needs, body type, pet peeves and/or undying loves, and what’s missing from your closet. Our stylists personally select each piece for you based on what you’ve told us. They keep track of what you return and what you keep so that we hone in on what works for you—going forward, we’ll make even better selections for your Bentos or help you find pieces to order right away. Our goal is to create a functional, well-balanced wardrobe for you, with items that can be mixed to create new and different outfits over the many years they’ll last.

personal stylist

Order a Bento, get a stylist.

What if I’d rather order a few specific pieces instead of a Bento Box?

Your stylist can help with that, too. Interested in the Lydia dress, but not sure which size to get, or where the hemline will fall on your petite frame? Your stylist will steer you in the right direction—and provide other suggestions if need be. Alternatively, if you want to build around pieces you already own, our stylists can recommend how to flesh out your existing wardrobe from season to season.

How do the stylists know what I like?

The Styling Team keeps a file with any and all information you’ve shared with us. This includes your size, body type, where you live, what has or has not worked for you in the past, and any other information you share with us that may affect your style and fit preferences. If you send the Styling Team a desperate email because you lost your luggage on a business trip to Dallas, they’ll know that you’re a huge fan of our Etsuko dress in deep indigo, so you’ll probably like the Oak dress in aegean blue—and they can overnight your size straight to your hotel. The more you share with our stylists, the better the stylists will be at zeroing in on your needs.

Thanks, but I’d rather just shop for myself without assistance.

No problem! You do you. The Styling Team is always waiting in the wings if you need them. In addition to helping you find great clothes, they also handle any shipping issues, credit card glitches, cleaning-related queries, or other customer service concerns—they do it all.

Want our stylist team to put together a Bento Box just for you? Sign up here.

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