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One Plaid Suit, 5 Days of Outfits

Our best-selling plaid suit is back—and dare we say, more fun than ever? Here’s how to style it for the busy week ahead.

By Caitlin Abber, Styled by Nyjerah Cunningham, Assisted By Sam Michel

A suit is the ultimate statement piece. It shouts confidence, authority, and poise, and it’s somehow sexy and modest at the same time. There’s a reason we call it a “power suit”: when a woman puts one on, she immediately feels stronger and more capable than before. 

But a suit can also feel boring. Sure, a pair of black pants and a black jacket can be remixed with different underpinnings and accessories, but even then, it can get a little dull. That’s why, in recent years, women’s suiting has become a bit more whimsical—a trend we can definitely get behind. From mix-and-match stretchy suits in bright red to suits you can shove in a suitcase and bring anywhere (wrinkle-free!), we’re all about finding ways to make suits fun again. Which is why we’ve brought back an M.M. favorite: our previously sold-out plaid suit.

Don’t worry, this isn’t your car salesman’s plaid suit. This is a suit made for women who want to command the room—and have a little fun while doing it. And because this suit reads like a neutral, it‘s as easy to wear as any black, gray, or navy suit you already have hanging in your closet. Not to mention, broken up, the pieces make a statement all on their own, so you don’t have to wear the whole suit all at once. Need some visuals? We got you. 

Below, our stylist Sam shows us the plaid suit 5 different ways and creates an entire week of outfits.


Mondays can be nerve-wracking, but having a plan helps.

And Sam’s plan to wear a suit for the entire week is one surefire way to make sure she at least looks like she’s got her shit together.

She crawled out from the weekend in the Cobble Hill skirt and the Deneuve top in Oxford Blue—an outfit so polished, no one will suspect she spent all of Saturday covered in plaster dust from her kitchen renovation. Goodbye Chip and Joanna role-play, hello suit-Sam. 

“I love this look because the draping in the top is so lady-like, but it required no effort on my part,” she says. “The drape stays in place all day, so there’s no fussing and definitely no fashion emergencies. Plus, I love the subtlety that remains even when mixing a color with a print.” 



With a busy day ahead, Sam wanted a no-nonsense look that projects simplicity, which is why she went with the Aditi—a shift that’s elevated to new heights in plaid.

Paired with the Capri earrings and the classic Ginger pump, this look screams “don’t even try me today, Carl!”

Sam’s take: “Most mornings, I wake up early to make green juice and prep my lunch, but when I want the extra zzz’s, the Aditi pretty much lets me have it all—juice, lunch, flawless outfit, and I’m still on time for work!”


Sam was preparing for a big presentation this morning.

She went with her failsafe Ross blazer, matching Eudora top, and Elliot trousers, which helped her make a strong first impression. The future looks bright, and so does Sam. 

In Sam’s words, “My favorite part of this look was finding out that I could wear the puff-sleeved Eudora top under a blazer—no bulging, no compromises. And, if I get those presentation sweats, I can slip off my blazer and know that the Eudora sleeves both have me covered and make me feel like I’m wearing a full ‘look.’” 


Sam is feeling herself today and has yet again chosen to go with her lucky Ross blazer. She’s got a date later and wants to put a little va-va in her voom, so she pops it over the curve hugging, swishy-skirted Jane dress in Foulard for a little added romance.

“The Jane dress is so femme to me,” she notes, “but I’m not always so femme; the Ross blazer gave me the balance that I like in an outfit without making the date feel like an interview.”


She did it! Sam made it to Friday. And she has the plaid suit to thank.  

Now it’s time to high-tail it straight into the weekend, so Sam wears the Mejia pants and a good pair of flats, like the Grace loafers. She tops it off with  the Cheryl coat.

[Editor’s Note: We tried to ask Sam for her personal take on this look, but she was already at happy hour.]


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Caitlin Abber

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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Styled By

Nyjerah Cunningham

Nyjerah is the Brand Stylist at M.M.LaFleur and is a lover of all things style related. Her wardrobe motto is simple: take risks, and wear them well.

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