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5 Plane-to-meeting Dresses to Wear on Your Next Business Trip

July 09, 2016

It’s Monday night, and you just found out your client wants you in Chicago tomorrow morning at 9:00am—and you live in New York. Which means you’ll be fumbling around in your closet at 5:00am for an outfit that needs to take you straight from the plane to a conference room. Allow us to make things a little easier with these five plane-to-meeting looks. 

1. The machine-washable, go-everywhere dress: The Shirley

Plane-to-meeting outfits

The Shirley dress in Pacific blue.

The Shirley is flattering, comfortable, and all-purpose—so much, in fact, that you wore it a few days ago (and a few days before that), and now it’s dirty. Good thing you can just throw it in the washing machine, hang it up overnight (it dries really quickly), and slip it on in the morning. Pack a Sant Ambroeus jardigan, and you’ll be ready for anything. (If you love this dress, you’ll also love the Nisa and the Annie—or, if you prefer a sleeve, the Etsuko and the Alexandra—which are all made from the same fabric.)

2. The dress that feels like you’re still in your pajamas: The Rachel

The Rachel

The Rachel dress in storm cloud.

You know those flights that leave so early it’s basically the middle of the night? We’re sorry you’re booked on one of those, but we’ve got just the outfit to make it a little less painful: Our Rachel dress comes in a soft, wrinkle-resistant double-knit jersey that looks fresh and polished but makes you feel like you’re still in your nightie. Win-win. (See also: the Lydia, which is made from the same material and features an ingenious snap for your bra strap, so you’ll stay put-together even while napping in your seat.)

3. For the perpetually freezing traveler: The Casey

The Casey dress

The Casey dress in black.

If you’re the type of flier who immediately turns off the overhead fan and asks the flight attendant for a blanket, we’ve got you covered. Made from an incredibly soft jersey that wraps across the torso (think of it as a hug), the Casey features sleeves and tons of stretch (as does its sister dress, the Annabel). For extra warmth, bring along a Morandi sweater—basically a Snuggie disguised as a chic wrap cardigan—and you’ll be red-eye-ready.

4. The dress that looks like you brought it in a garment bag: The Tory

Crisp, ladylike, and effortlessly elegant, the Tory looks like a high-maintenance dress that will easily crease—but surprise! It’s made from wrinkle-resistant fabric with a satiny-soft lining, and even features removable under-arm pads for those who tend to shvitz on airplanes (we’ve been there).

5. For the traveler who hates when her legs touch the seat: The Hanna

The Hanna dress

The Hanna dress in lilac.

We hear you: Airplane seats are scratchy, and the thought of having your legs resting against them is just—ugh. You normally travel in pants and change when you arrive, right? But thanks to the Hanna’s flowy, flattering skirt, which falls below the knee and provides lots of coverage without added bulk, you’ll never have to get dressed in an airport bathroom again. Bon voyage!

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