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The Best Self-gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2017 | Filed in: Take a Break

Come Valentine’s Day, we’re never in the mood to wait around for someone to buy us roses or chocolates (although we’ll make an exception for chocolates from Roni-Sue, because we’re always in the mood for Roni-Sue), and this year is no different. Instead, we’ve been thinking about self-investment: What makes us feel powerful, fully-charged, and ready to take over the world? In that spirit, we are officially declaring this February 14 a day of self-gifts, whether that means buying something just for yourself (by all means, go right ahead) or giving yourself the day off, in bed, with Netflix. After all, you know what you want (or need) more than anyone.

We polled a few women in the MM community about their own self-gifting plans. Get inspired, below.

“I plan to spend Valentine’s soaking in the bath with a face mask and a big glass of red wine. I recently moved into an apartment with a wonderful tub—needless to say, I’ve gotten into it. I usually use a cacophony of accessories: bath salts, bubble bath, Neroli candles, and the Bottomless Bath Drain Cover that I got from Home Depot, which has been a game changer.” —Emily, manager of strategic operations initiatives

“This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to experience tragic love the lazy girl’s way: by watching Casablanca on my couch with the most delicious takeout I can find.” —Sam, stylist

“I tend to think the whole jewelry-on-Valentine’s-Day thing is cliché, but this year, I don’t care. I want some jewelry. I’m really into the ‘power stack’ right now—the look of piling three or four thin bands on a single finger. It’s somehow both fancy and nonchalant. Like I might be a secret billionaire, or I might just work in marketing (ding ding ding).” —Helen, marketing director

“My boyfriend and I decided pretty early on in our relationship that we don’t do gifts. He buys what he wants, and I buy what I want (ahem, the Madeline dress and the Lin top). For Valentine’s Day, we’ll probably just spend the night in and do what we do best—make pasta, hang out with our dog, and watch HBO.” —Anna, social media manager

The Lin top // MM.LaFleur

The Lin top in cream with the Oshima pant.

“A few years ago, I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a steak dinner for my husband and myself. He’d just gotten home from a business trip, so he fell asleep on the couch while I was cooking. At first I was annoyed, but then I wound up eating a delicious meal (with delicious wine) by myself—and it was wonderful! Now I make a point to spend Valentine’s Day (or some night around it) with a good steak, wine, and a book, just on my own.” —Claire, editor

“I just blew a significant portion of my last paycheck on your new spring collection, and four pieces are set to arrive right before Valentine’s Day—does that count as a self-gift? The Barton shirt, Crawford top, and Inez dress do set my heart aflutter.” —Julie, management consultant

Inez dress // MM.LaFleur

The Inez dress in terracotta.

“My husband and I make a point to go to the cheesiest restaurant we can think of on Valentine’s Day. Ideally, at least one of us is drinking a beverage out of a tropical fruit. But I always get myself something new and awesome to wear for it, because my husband gave up on finding me gifts long ago. I’m picky—er, discerning—and I’d rather just buy something for myself.” —Dahlia, financial advisor

“Valentine’s Day? Every day is Valentine’s Day! Just ask Ella Fitzgerald. Treat yourself whenever you want.” —Alison, teacher

How are you self-gifting this Valentine’s Day? Share your strategy in the comments, below.

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