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Introducing Our Noble Knit Capsule Collection

August 28, 2017

Designed using a 3-D process that creates seamless garments with minimal waste, our Noble Knits aren’t your typical sweater dresses. Sculpted, luxurious, and stretchy without compromising structure, they feel like a second skin; put one on, and you’ll be ready for yoga poses, a marathon presentation, back-to-back cocktail parties, a long flight, a big dinner—and a well-deserved nap. (Oh, and did we mention they’re soft as a feather? And breathable, too.)

The nitty-gritty: Under the leadership of our knitwear designer, Annie Lim, we reimagined three of our most popular silhouettes—the Toi, the Etsuko, and the Lydia—as the Melanie, the Nila, and the Eummi, respectively. The new versions of these dresses were created through a partnership with Shima Seiki, a pioneer in Wholegarment technology, which allows for highly specific engineering right down to each and every thread. “These dresses are locally made, and the machines knit them like a 3-D printer would,” says Annie. “For us, that means that they fit perfectly, are comfortable yet chic, and most of all, are flattering.”

Annie lovingly designed each dress, employing carefully-placed ribbing and intricate stitch patterns that can only be achieved with an advanced level of technical expertise. Then, Shima Seiki’s revolutionary machines brought her designs to life, knitting each one as a single garment. There are no seams, and no scraps wind up on the cutting room floor.

For a peek at the process, check out our video, below.

Shop the Melanie, the Nila, and the Eummi.

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