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A Sneak Peek at Our New Summer Styles (Spoiler: They’re Full of Surprises)

Our summer collection is called The Up Side Down, and it’s full of new styles that are offering us a whole new perspective.

By Madeleine Kim

Full of nautical stripes, immaculately tailored dresses, and bright splashes of azure, our new summer collection encapsulates so much of what we’re craving right now. It’s a breath of fresh air, a moment of levity, a sigh of relief. 

It’s also a little bit unexpected. We’ve made a trench coat from 100% silk. We have better-than-denim shorts (and we’re giving you permission to wear them to work). We have classic business-casual essentials, but in bold hues that will transport you to the shores of a sparkling sea. It’s a collection full of upsides and a healthy dose of fun—which is why we’re calling it The Up Side Down. 

“Everything’s super weird right now, and we have no idea where we’re all headed. But the upside of that is that we can have a shared experience by talking about the weirdness,” says our Art Director, Lauren. “For our photoshoot, we decided to lean into the strangeness of this moment. We thought, let’s make up our own rules and pretend the sky is on the floor. This is our way of talking about the weirdness and finding the upsides of this downtime.”

The art historians among us may notice nods to surrealism. “You’ll see some themes from Dali’s work, like the lobster phone, and also influences from Magritte with the bowler hat. All the props—the glass of water, the umbrella—are classic surrealist images,” says Lauren. (We didn’t have the iconic Dali melting clock on set, but I can’t help but think it would have been a rather perfect metaphor for the Groundhog Day-ness of life in quarantine.)

As for the clothes themselves, you won’t have to look hard to find upsides—but there are a few unexpected bits of greatness you might not catch at first glance. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the highlights.

Silk Jackets with Secrets

I love a practical weatherproof jacket as much as the next gal, but there’s just something so luxurious about buying a piece purely for aesthetics. Our new silk jackets are the kinds of pieces that can define your personal style, the kinds of pieces worth building a wardrobe around. The unexpected upside: You can wear the Scotte jacket as a shirt and the Jensen trench as a dress.

Not Your Average Jean Shorts

We’ve endorsed work shorts in the past, and now we have them in a fabric that’s better than denim. It’s a Turkish cotton fabric with beautiful texture but tons of stretch, meaning the shorts are a far cry from a pair of cut-offs. We’ve also got a cropped, casual jacket with a classic denim vibe, only without the stiffness. The unexpected upside: You can cuff the shorts for a short-shorts look on the weekends.

Room-Commanding Pieces with Range

Subtly textured and beautifully structured, basketweave jacquard is what we call a power fabric. It’s stretchy enough to move around in, but ultra polished and totally room-commanding. The unexpected upside: It somehow looks equally at-home on a picnic blanket and at a podium.

Fluffy Clouds in Clothing Form

If you’ve tried our Pima cotton T-shirts, you already know how amazing this fabric is. But in case you haven’t, imagine that you’re lounging on a Disney-movie cloud with a tiny kitten perched on your shoulder. It’s something like that. The unexpected upside: It’s substantial enough that your bra will never show through.

A Picnic on a Hanger

Picnic got rained out? Bring the picnic to you by throwing on some gingham seersucker and eating sandwiches on the floor—why not? I got to try this fabric for a recent employee photoshoot, and I couldn’t believe how light and gorgeous it was. I didn’t think I needed any more summer tops, but the Ellen might convince me otherwise. The unexpected upside: Both the Ellen top and Gigi dress can be worn with or without the sash for two totally different vibes.

Stripes for Sunny Days

Lightweight, boxy in the most flattering way, and undeniably summer-ready, these are the sweaters I can’t wait to wear on my next vacation. In the meantime, I’ll be throwing them on with leggings for Zoom basically every day. The unexpected upside: They double as super chic beach cover-ups. SPF not included.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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