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A Wine Pairing, but for Pants

Never be perplexed by your pants again.

By Madeleine Kim

Have you ever bought a pair of pants in an unexpected but stunning color, only to be totally confused about what to wear with them? You throw them in your closet and they rarely—if ever—see the light of day. It’s sort of like when you buy a nice bottle of wine and wait for the perfect meal or reason to celebrate to open it up. Never again. Pants should be fun (and good wine goes with everything). That’s why, when picking out shades for our beloved Foster pant, we thought long and hard about what to pair with them, because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Below, perfect pairings for 6 of our favorite shades of the Foster pant.

The Foster Pant In


This one almost feels like a trick question, because there isn’t much you can’t wear with a pair of sleek, black cigarette pants. But for brevity’s sake, we’ve narrowed it down to three of our favorite combos.

Elevated: We just had to include a chic, black-and-navy pairing. The Eudora top fits the bill—and brings some pattern to the party. A tailored cut and origami-inspired sleeves make this top a definite showstopper. Add in a pair of gold hoops and the Rowan flats and you’re, well, good as gold.

Casual: Take a closer look at the Annika top in slubbed stretch linen, and you’ll see that the fabric varies subtly between different neutral shades. Pairing it with black brings out the darker threads in the fabric. Bonus: This top’s T-shirt-like cut exudes big power-casual energy. While you’re at it, why not add some power earrings and a statement shoe, as well.

Cozy: Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go. Case in point: the Foster pant in black paired with the Peggy top in ivory. Use this outfit as a blank canvas for bold jewelry and shoes, or go minimalist and embrace the elegance of a clean, black-and-white look.

The Foster Pant In


These bone-colored beauties are as stretchy as they are summery, and like the Foster pant in black, they look great with most pieces. Here are some pairings that really make them shine.

Elevated: White pants with a patterned top is not a look we see enough. Pair your Fosters with the Marissa top in block print for a cohesive color palette that packs a punch. Add simple Bezel earrings and a classic nude pump for an elegant touch.

Casual: Nautical, meet machine-washable (yes, we’re pretending that rhymes). Wear the Foster in bone with the Sadie top in galaxy blue for an easy, summertime look that pairs well with a sea breeze and a lobster roll. And don’t forget your Rowan flats for the walk home.

Cozy: The bold and beautiful Flaka top has a boxy (but not overwhelming) shape, making it the ideal pairing for form-fitting pants. Take this look to the next level with a crisp pair of white sneakers.

The Foster Pant In


Despite being a neutral, gray can be deceptively difficult to pair. A good rule of thumb: stick with other neutrals, as well as colors from the cool end of the spectrum, like blue and purple.

Elevated: Speaking of purple, the Ava top in orchid is a match made in heaven. It’s light enough to create some contrast with monsoon, but vibrant enough to provide a pop of color. The Lyssa earrings provide a little metallic accent up top while the Ella sandal provide neutrality down below.

Casual: You really can’t go wrong with black—or with our polished but practical Eileen top, for that matter. The Koio sneakers create a fresh pop of white.

Cozy: Can you tell we’re really into tonal looks? Pair monsoon with other shades of gray, such as the Samara sweater in sea salt, for an easy, stylish outfit. Bonus points: add silver jewelry and the Irene slingback in gray to complete your monochromatic masterpiece.

The Foster Pant In

Dark Navy

Navy tends to get a bad rap as a runner-up to black. But we’d argue that it has some special qualities of its own.

Elevated: Navy is the ideal neutral to pair with bold, green pieces like our Beverly top in emerald. Both cool tones, these colors simultaneously complement and contrast with one another—which is just a complicated way of saying they look really, really good together. You know what else they look good with? The Lillian pump.

Casual: Navy and black, you’ve done it again. We love outfits that incorporate classic color combos and clean lines—so the Antonia in black is a no-brainer for your navy Foster pants. The gold Velma earrings add a little whimsy when needed, and the black Rowan flats bring the whole look together.

Cozy: For a tonal look with a bit of contrast, pair the Fosters with the Malki top in baltic blue. This will both emphasize the navy color of the pants and pepper in some intrigue. Add even more blue to the look with the Rowan flat in ultramarine.

The Foster Pants In

Dark Spruce

Is it green? Is it gray? Is it something else entirely? Dark spruce defies definition, and we’re cool with that. All we know is that it’s chic and seasonless, and we get compliments whenever we wear it.

Elevated: The great thing about neutral-patterned pieces, such as the Sloane top in freeform, is that you can pair them with any solid color. Dark spruce falls somewhere between a neutral and a pop of color, and freeform is just the thing to take it to the next level. Bold but sophisticated jewelry, like the Elara earrings, and a smart shoe, like a black slingback brings the whole look together.

Casual: The color that looks best with dark spruce? Dark spruce, naturally. And it just so happens that the Nejvi top in dark spruce works beautifully with these pants, thanks to a banded waist that drapes easily over the fitted Fosters. Add a little twinkle to your toes with the Rowan flat in Prosecco.

Cozy: Want to take your dark spruce Fosters for a summertime spin? Pair them with the Adele in sea salt, an ultra-lightweight tunic that will lighten things up—physically and aesthetically. Pop on the Lizzie ear cuff and a fun pair of shoes, because why not?

The Foster Pant In


Russet is a lesser-known neutral, but we think it deserves just as much recognition as heavy-hitters like black, navy, and gray. Here’s how to make it shine this summer.

Elevated: There are few color combinations that make you look as effortlessly chic as russet and magnolia. Wear the Willow vest as a shirt for a fresh, slightly sexy take on summer suiting. The Piper earrings and a neutral heel keep the look trendy but classic.

Casual: Thanks to its lighter shade, russet can stand up to bold, bright pieces like the Giulia top in primrose. The Giulia’s tunic-like cut is ideal for when you want a bit of extra coverage. Can you wear a necklace over the Giulia? Yes, but make sure it’s the right length, like the Claressa. The Koio sneaker is the perfect final touch.

Cozy: To be honest, the Nancy sweater in ivory pairs with every Foster-pant color on this list—but we wanted to save the best for last. It’s soft, it’s breathable, it’s hand-washable, and it needs no accessories (okay, maybe the Rowan flat, because we’re obsessed). But best of all, it’s one of Miyako’s favorite M.M. pieces.

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Senior Brand Associate at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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