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What We’re Wearing, Eating, and Doing to Make This Thanksgiving Memorable

M.M. team members share how they’re celebrating.

By Madeleine Kim

Like most things in 2020, Thanksgiving will look different this year. If you normally spend the holiday with loved ones who aren’t in your quarantine pod, you might even be feeling a little sad about the upcoming week. But Thanksgiving is all about finding things to celebrate, and personally, I’m thankful for the opportunity to forge new traditions, find creative ways to connect, and cherish the people I will be able to spend time with in person.

I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner—like, the actual food—more than I have in years. Unburdened by the pressure to please 20+ guests and celebrate the traditional way, my family has decided to skip the turkey and just make a ton of Korean food. Because honestly, none of us really likes turkey anyway. (I’m also excited to take full advantage of this excuse to give my sweats a break and wear something sparkly.)

I was curious how my coworkers were tweaking their Thanksgiving traditions, so I asked five of them about their plans for Thursday.

Kartinah, Customer Operations Manager

What I’m wearing:I’m going to wear the Antoinette top in dash plaid. The bold print makes me feel zhuzhed up, and this shirt always gets serious compliments! I’m also betting this print will sneakily hide any food splatters that happen during cooking; the day after, I can throw it in the washing machine. I’m pairing this with my holy-grail pant: the Milo. I’ve been living in these since August, and I can’t say enough good things—they’re stretchy, soft, and still look great even after I’ve worn them three days in a row.”

What I’m eating: “My family is doing a Zoom Thanksgiving, because we’re spread throughout New Hampshire, Florida, and Toronto. Of course, I wish we were all together, but these ‘strange times’ have really energized everyone into making an extra effort this holiday. The family group chat is constantly buzzing with cocktail recipes and additions to our shared Spotify playlist. The most requested recipe has been for my mom’s “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It Stuffing.” The sourdough bread, fennel, and sausage (we use a spicy one!) make this absolute perfection. We’ll cook, drink, eat, and play board games all together via our laptops and phones. And if anyone starts acting out, my mom will own the ‘muting’ powers.”

Kate, Growth Marketing Manager

What I’m wearing: I’m planning to wear the cashmere jogger set in olive, because soft and stretchy is always the goal for Thanksgiving outfits! The Keely joggers are named after my sister, so my mom bought them for all the women in my family for Christmas. I think we can convince her to let us open one gift early…”

What I’m eating: “I have a really big family (21 cousins!), so having a small Thanksgiving is a very new experience for us. Since we’re only cooking for five people this year instead of 30+, my sister and I decided to take it on and give my mom a break. In the spirit of being impatient millennials, we are skipping straight to the good stuff: dessert and leftovers. Our plan is to prep our main course items a few days early so we can make my mom’s famous creamy turkey soup and my dad’s messy hot turkey sandwiches for the big day. My sister and I are not pie people, so we will be continuing our quest to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. This is our favorite recipe at the moment (it involves an intermittent ‘pan-banging’ technique which has an added bonus of scaring everyone in the house—gotta keep them on their toes!). My grandma will definitely be making sure we keep some traditions alive, so we will likely end the night with a few rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes, a bundled up walk to the beach (thank God for the Angelou shawl!), and blasting Christmas carols to prepare for our next favorite holiday.”

Sofia, Senior Project Manager, Creative

What I’m wearing: “It’s going to be quite cold in Colorado, so I’ll be reaching for something soft, warm, and casual—in this case, our cashmere jogger set and my old faithful, the Choe top. When I inevitably lose track of time, I’ll grab a piece that can make dinner feel like a bit more of an event—a structured and cool blazer always works for me.”

What I’m eating: “We’re downsizing, obviously, as it’ll just be our pod. This translates to a smaller turkey, but the same amount of pie (pumpkin pie from this cookbook for breakfast is the best way to start December, after all). And we’re abandoning the pecan pies in favor of apple—again, strategizing for breakfast, not dinner. As far as turkey goes, my dad and I texted each other the new Samin Nosrat turkey recipe at the same time—so we’re trying that!”

Emma, Customer Communications Associate

What I’m wearing: “If there’s any time to go all in on a fall color palette, it’s Thanksgiving. I’ll be wearing my Sophie sweater in medallion, my Foster pants in saddle, and the sparkly Fia earrings to complete the look. (Bonus: All of these pieces are comfy enough that I won’t want to change into sweats immediately after dinner.)”

What I’m eating: “We’re going to focus on sides this year, since that’s always the most exciting part. I’ll be making my homemade focaccia, which I’ve honed during quarantine, and these miso green beans with shallots (a fancy twist on that infamous green bean casserole). And outside the big Thanksgiving feast, we always make my great-grandma’s Swedish pancakes when we’re home for the holidays!”

Taylor, Senior Sales & Events Associate

What I’m wearing: “I’m going for cozy-chic this year. The Andersons are roomy enough for eating a Thanksgiving meal—and they look great! The Luan sweater in ivory will keep me cozy, and it pairs well with the magnolia Andersons for a tonal look. I’m always in a boot or some type of heel, so I’m using the holiday as an opportunity to wear my new Lana boots in burgundy.”

What I’m eating: “We’re going with our usual Thanksgiving traditions to try to retain some normalcy. I’m excited to eat and celebrate with my immediate family (my mom, dad, and sister), because there are still things to be thankful for this year. Our menu includes traditional Thanksgiving foods, except we always make rice and beans, too. I’ll also be making this mocha cake instead of pie, because my dad is the only pie guy in the family. Finally, if you’re making mashed potatoes, try adding cream cheese—if you’re ever going to go for it, Thanksgiving is the time.”

Madeleine Kim

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is a Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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